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[S1E1] Chapter One: Get Some Then

The next morning, police chief Jim Hopper awakens in his trailer. As he showers, a newscast reports power outages across the county. Hopper smokes, pops a pill, and drinks some beer, then dresses before leaving for work. Meanwhile, Will's mother Joyce and his older brother Jonathan realize he did not come home last night. Joyce calls Karen Wheeler to ask if Will stayed the night, but Karen confirms Will left a little after 8:00 the night before. Arriving at Hawkins Middle School, the other three boys also wonder where Will is, but are interrupted by bullies Troy Walsh and James Dante. At Hawkins High, Nancy's best friend Barb Holland asks about whether or not she and Steve or dating, which Nancy denies. She finds a note in her locker from Steve asking to meet her in the bathroom, to which Barb smugly smiles. Nancy and Steve make out in the bathroom, and they make plans to meet to study that night.

[S1E1] Chapter One: Get Some Then

  • Boom, Headshot!: This is the fate of Benny, the diner owner, delivered by Connie.

  • Brief Accent Imitation: One of the bullies imitates Dustin's speech impairment to mock him.

  • Death by Looking Up: The scientist in the prologue looks up in the elevator before getting Vertical Kidnappinged.

  • Deer in the Headlights: Will is stunned by the sight of the Demogorgon in front of him, unable to pull the trigger of his rifle. Not that it mattered anyway.

  • Donut Mess with a Cop: Hopper is seen munching a donut at the police office.

  • Door Handle Scare: The closeup shot on the Byers' front door as the Demogorgon disengages the door latch from the outside.

  • Double Standard: Benny roughly grabs and threatens Eleven when he sees "him" stealing food, but his entire demeanor changes when he realizes that she's female. He even gives her free food. However, it's possible that he changes his demeanor because he got a better look at her state (covered in dirt, scared, and wearing a hospital gown), and realized what he thought was just a thief is actually someone in distress.

  • Dramatic Chase Opening: The prologue, in which a scientist is desperately running through the empty hallways, trying to escape from something. When he gets inside the elevator, we hear a sound from above him, and then an unseen being pulls him up...

  • Enemy Rising Behind: The Demogorgon rises behind Will in the barn. Then Will turns around and freezes like a Deer in the Headlights.

  • Enter Stage Window: Steve enters and leaves Nancy's room via the window.

  • Establishing Character Moment: We're first introduced to Hopper as a rather disheveled, barely functioning substance abuser who very clearly has little interest in policing the quiet little community of Hawkins, and who is pretty much just going through the motions of investigating Will's disappearance... until he comes across Will's abandoned bike and begins to realize that something bad may indeed have happened to him. At which point, he both begins to take the matter a lot more seriously and the audience starts to see the dogged, methodical investigator that he really can be.

  • Evil-Detecting Dog: The Byers dog barks whenever it smells the Demogorgon. This draws Hopper's attention to the tool shed.

  • Feet-First Introduction: The first we see of Eleven is her bare feet walking across the forest floor.

  • Foreshadowing: In a sense, the scene where Will is taken is foreshadowed twice immediately before it happens, first by the DOE scientist being taken, then by the events of the D&D game.

  • In the flashback at Fort Byers, Joyce reveals that she has bought tickets to a screening of Poltergeist for her and Will. This proves to be quite an appropriate choice, given where her plot line goes.

  • Free-Range Children: Lucas, Dustin, and Will all bike home alone at night.

  • Gory Discretion Shot: Benny's shooting happens just off-screen.

  • He Knows Too Much: Benny tries to help the girl, and it gets him killed for becoming a loose end.

  • Insistent Terminology: Dustin repeatedly clarifying that Mirkwood is in The Hobbit, not The Lord of the Rings, in a police interview about his missing friend.

  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Benny.

  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Given her pre-pubescent age, shaved head, and a generic hospital gown, both Bennie and his patrons initially mistake Eleven for a boy.

  • Monster Munch: The lab worker in the opening scene is falling prey to whatever lurked inside the elevator.

  • Newscaster Cameo: The anchorwoman is a real anchor for 11 Alive, the local NBC affiliate in Atlanta, where the show is filmed.

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Poor Benny the diner owner tries to help out a lost girl and ends up shot in the head by a supposed social worker for his trouble.

  • No, You: Nancy looking at her brother's breakfast.Nancy: That's disgusting. Mike: You're disgusting!

  • "Pan from the Sky" Beginning: The opening scene starts with a shot of the night sky panning down to Hawkins Lab.

  • Rewatch Bonus: A certain ominous sound plays after Will falls off his bike. If you've seen season four, you will melt in horror when you hear it again.

  • Serious Business: Discussed In-Universe. Hopper notes how overly important the boys treat their bicycles when he discovers Will's abandoned bike:Hopper: Bike like this is like a Cadillac to these kids.

  • Silent Snarker: Michael's eye roll when he finds Steve failing to climb to Nancy's window is priceless.

  • Skewed Priorities: When reporting Will's disappearance to Hopper, Joyce brings up the fact that other kids (and his father) accuse him of being gay as a way of bullying him:Hopper: [Curious] Is he? Joyce: He's missing is what he is, Hopper.

  • Dustin keeps pedantically noting that Mirkwood is from The Hobbit, not The Lord of the Rings, when Hopper is questioning the boys about the missing Will.

  • The Snack Is More Interesting: Mike's mother tries to referee her kids around the dinner table while his father silently eats without helping. As the dinner disintegrates, the mother pointedly asks the father if he's enjoying the chicken.

  • Soundtrack Dissonance: "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane plays when the Men in Black kill Benny and chase after El.

  • Vertical Kidnapping: The scientist in the opening scene is pulled up the elevator ceiling.

  • With Catlike Tread: When making plans to meet up with Nancy, Steve claims he'll be stealthy, "like a ninja." Later, he climbs in her bedroom window, tripping and stumbling about noisily, and getting seen by Mike.Steve: What'd I tell ya? Ninja.

  • You Are Number 6: The girl calls herself Eleven when Benny asks her name.

Being too hungry, Denji is unable to sleep. He tells Pochita that he dreams of having bread with jam, flirting with a girl, playing games with her and then falling asleep while they hug each other. Denji then coughs blood and tells Pochita that he heard his mother had a heart disease that made her cough blood. The old man then comes and picks Denji, as he found some devil hunting work for him.

The books, arranged on a single long shelf with jewel-covered spines, tempted him with their knowledge, but he dared not take one down. The paper would probably crumble into dust should he touch it. He peeked into the beakers, tinted with dried-out fluids, and then examined the forge's ashes. Nothing. He examined the pottery worktop and saw it: a diagram of the sylex painted on parchment, a coppery bowl with handles and small black figures marching around its base. A gray slab of clay sat next to the diagram, etched with symbols duplicating those depicted in the diagram's faded paint. Some were in Thran; some in the arcing curves of an unrecognizable script that resembled some symbols on the sylex. The clay was damaged, partially illegible, and severed wires lay beside it. What had happened here?

Karn shifted the artifact onto one palm and used the other hand to shove Jhoira's letters to one side. He slid the artifact onto the worktop then ducked under the table. He'd concealed the sylex in a small titanium chest, its lock only accessible to someone like him, someone who both knew the order in which the tumblers and pins needed to be lifted and could manipulate inorganic materials. His lock had no key.

Once, when he'd been new, he'd reached out and touched the fire blazing in Urza's hearth. He'd dropped the cherry-red coal, shocked by the sensation, then examined his hand for damage. He'd found none. He'd looked up to see Urza watching him with glittering eyes. Urza hadn't tried to stop him, yet he'd known this would hurt Karn. Why did you give me intelligence if you do not value my personhood? Karn had felt ashamed the moment he'd asked the question, and yes, Urza had chuckled. You're more valuable to me if you can react intelligently. Karn had stared at his aching, undamaged hand. Then why give me pain? Urza had smiled and stroked his white beard. Karn had later learned how to recognize that expression as one Urza made when he thought he was being particularly clever. People are more reluctant to damage something if it causes that thing pain.

After the cut scene, the game goes back to the casino where Riddler has a host of hostages and Mori in some sort of torture device. Batman sends a drone to survey the situation, and then players will need to knock out some guards while stealthed. Then next choice will be Commissioner Gordon asking the player how the should proceed with the situation:

Alan immediately wakes up to the comfort of his wife, Alice, who tells him he's just had another nightmare. Alice then tells him that they have arrived at Bright Falls. Alice will then say that since they are on vacation, they should act like it, so she asks you to stand by a man gazing out at the town. He talks to you and tells you his name is Pat Maine, who is the DJ host for KBF-FM, the local radio station. Alan introduces himself as Alan Wake and Pat tells him that he recognizes Alan as a very famous writer and Pat is pleased to meet him. Pat wishes to get a radio interview with him, but Alan declines and tells him that all he wants is to be on vacation with his wife and hopes Pat could keep the secret that Alan Wake is even in Bright Falls. Walk back over to Alice after you finish your conversation. Alan's phone rings, and the person calling is Barry Wheeler, Alan's best friend and literary agent. Barry goes on about that if Alan needs him, one phone call is all that is needed and will hop on a plane over to Bright Falls right away. Alan just tells him that everything is all right and there's nothing to worry about. After he hangs up, Alice complains that Barry is going to keep calling many times during the vacation, and just after she says that, Barry sends a text to say hi to Alice. The boat will then reach the land, so head back to your car, which is the one at the front right of the boat. Once on land, Alice tells Alan they need to head to the local diner to get the key from Mr. Stucky, who is the landlord of the place they are staying in. Once you reach the diner, Alan gets out the car and Alice says she is going to fill up the car with some gas and will be back in fifteen minutes. She drives away and Alan walks into the diner, where he meets one of the waitresses, Rose Marigold, who gets overly hyped about meeting Alan Wake, and tells him she is a big fan of his. Alan is "flattered" and asks if Mr. Stucky was around, and Rose tells him that he is most likely in the rest room. 041b061a72


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