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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

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It is no wonder, under such circumstances, that the number of books dealing with this world-arresting riddle has increased enormously of late. It is a new game, almost as alluring as a cross-word puzzle. Everybody has taken a hand in it. No day has been complete in recent years without a new analysis, diagnosis, guess, or caricature. Out of the ruck of books produced under this impetus, a very few have risen to a level of study and thought entitling them to be taken seriously. Among these few are the three volumes now under discussion. All three aim at the same thing: the understanding of Uncle Sam. Considered together, they are the more interesting because one is written by an Englishman, another by a Frenchman of probable German descent, and the third by an American with a line of equally American ancestors back of him. 041b061a72


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