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Fallout 4 All Clothing

Most wearable items that are classed as clothing (such as hats and eyewear) cannot be repaired by merchants that offer repair services. This requires the player character to either use compatible clothing in the item's class or select the Jury Rigging perk to repair clothing items.

Fallout 4 All Clothing

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PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Most power armor or other large clothing items will glitch through chairs or benches when sitting down. Shoulder pieces of the armor may also be displaced. It is also common for rifle-style weapons to sink through the back of some armors, such as the NCR Ranger combat armor. [verified]

It is an armor set that Trappers commonly use, and can fit over thin clothing. The standard version is slightly more protective than sturdy raider armor. The heavy version looks identical but has stats that are slightly improved from heavy raider armor. There is no sturdy variant.

Clothing that can be worn under body armor parts and are potentially the best for defensive purposes. Unless the ballistic weave armor mod has been unlocked, the only clothing pieces that can be upgraded on an armor workbench are the vault jumpsuits.

If you're unconcerned with radiation, then you might pick another piece of clothing based on the buffs to your SPECIAL stats. This will depend on your character build and the stats that matter to you. Any of the items listed in Nukapedia's Clothing table will allow you to put on your armor without restriction. Some of the items in the Outfits table will allow armor as well, but not all the pieces.

Later in the game, if you acquire the ability to add Ballistic Weave to clothing, the situation changes completely. At this point, you can use an armor workbench to add a huge amount of damage resistance to clothing and outfits. From 30 each of damage and energy resistance with no ranks in Armorer, to 110 of each with Armorer IV. Notably, you cannot add Ballistic Weave to the Vault Suit. You'll likely want to choose the piece of clothing that buffs the stats you need most, and then add the highest Ballistic Weave you can create.

Note that not all clothing can have Ballistic Weave added. There's a list of possible options on the Ballistic Weave page I linked. Most of them are actually outfits. The only clothing included, meaning that you can equip all armor slots, are these:

As you can see, none of these have any radiation resistance. So, if you wear ballistic weaving clothing and a hat, you'll most likely want to add Lead lining to at least one piece of armor. I usually add it to each arm, and that seems to be sufficient.

It's also useful to carry additional pieces of clothing for use when not in combat. I carry both Charisma and Intelligence gear with me at all times, and even hotkey it. You can often access clothing from your hotkeys in the middle of a conversation.

You can find clothing that adds +2 to Charisma pretty easily as well. There are many types that do this, including most suits and dresses. You can get +3 to Charisma clothes by completing Curtain Call. Finding +2 to Intelligence clothing such as a lab coat usually takes longer, but should happen by the time you're in your teens. I've found a lab coat in the first suitcase in Sanctuary, though, so results vary.

When you're trading or persuading, put on the Charisma gear. When you're doing noncombat things that give you experience, like crafting, picking locks, or turning in quests, put on the Intelligence gear. Putting all your armor back on after switching your main clothing is a bit of a hassle, so sometimes I'll just swap the glasses and hat.

By far, adding the Ballistic Weave mod to your clothing is the single best increase you will gain from protection, regardless of clothing article. It increases the ballistic and energy resistance of the clothing by the following amounts:

To gain the ability to add Ballistic Weave to your clothing, you must join the Railroad faction and do quests until P.A.M. unlocks the first "Jackpot" quest. After completing it, Tinker Tom will unlock the ability for you to mod clothing at an armor workbench to add the mod. Tinker Tom will also start stocking a rotating series of clothing with the Ballistic Weave mod already applied. These articles of clothing will have names starting with "Armored".

Armor and Clothing is one of the many overhauls introduced in Horizon. Most clothing can now be used with all Armor pieces (chest, legs, arms) simultaneously. Bags and backpacks can be easily carried over it. Furthermore, Armor and Clothing items have item mod slots that make sense and are based on appearance. The number of item mod slots has also been adjusted and exceeds that of vanilla FO4.

Armor on clothing is more closely normalized, so that some clothing is not drastically overpowered over everything else. Most clothing can be used with all armor pieces (chest, legs, arms). Both armor and clothing have corresponding item mod slots that match the visual appearance. Exmaple: any helmet that uses the eye slot will also have an eyewear mod. Certain clothing items such as bandanas provide nothing and cannot be modded.

All Vanilla FO4 clothing effects for Perks are disabled, which means it automatically balance player-crafted armor too. Most goggles and helmets that cover the eyes, have some fire resist now. Many other items give correspondingly logical effects.

Horizon's default armor/clothing naming/tagging system is fully expanded. Every piece of vanilla/dlc armor and clothing will sort properly and have an appropriate icon (Icon Library). Many DLC items no longer use the DLC naming rules, as Horizon's default rules account for mostly everything now.

Armor and clothing parts have been altered and new parts have been injected to the system. The Tech Lab is necessary to craft different parts that allow to increase the defense values. These special parts can only be crafted in the Tech Lab, since these are skill-dependent, the player receives defense in the amount of his abilities.

Many Clothing upgrades are altered, to require Nylon, along with other changes. Nylon is primarily only found by scrapping leather armor and some types of clothing. Clothing upgrades are balanced. Upgrading sizes requires Tailoring skill. Upgrades use appropriate materials that actually fit their name.

This bag is extracted from the Postman's outfit and can be carried on top of any other clothing (uses slot: "54 - UNNAMED"). It can be crafted in the Tech Lab (Equipment). One of them can be found in Vault 111. It has 4 levels of carry weight upgrades. It can be colored in 16 different colors through a mod slot in any armor workbench. These use custom textures and palettes.

The Backpack is extracted from the Field Scribe's outfit and can be carried on top of any other clothing (Lower uses slot: "54 - UNNAMED", upper uses slot: "55 - UNNAMED"). It has 4 levels of carry weight upgrades. Backpacks can be equipped as a whole or split into lower and upper pack. It can be crafted in the Tech Lab (Equipment). Various tailors like Lucas (caravan vendor) and Fallon (DC) can sell packs.

Concealed Armors has the remedy. It creates a category in the crafting process called "visibility" which allows players to tinker with their armor and hide it underneath the outer outfit. This opens up a lot of new doors when it comes to mixing and matching armor sets with fashionable clothing options.

The idea behind the mod was for players to be able to wear gloves normally included with vanilla game outfits separately from other clothing. There are some limitations to the mod, so be sure to read the description on the main page.

The mod allows normal clothing to be worn underneath armor pieces without squabbling for a slot, including hats and helmets. It also adds a bevy of workbench options allowing you to customize clothing and armor with protective weaves, linings, and a host of other items. That's just scratching the surface! There's far too much to list here, so head on over to the mod page and read up!


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