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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Boot Disk Eclipse Ucnv884 Freel: A Freelance Solution for Eclipse Car Navigation Problems

hi guys i need some help! My car has a head unit called a eclipse ucnv844 its a navigation system! And i cant use it anymore because i have a sd card in it and i cant open it! is it possible to open it? please help

Boot Disk Eclipse Ucnv884 Freel


I was using my Eclipse car satellite before today, and after I took out the card, it doesn't work. I put in the card again, but it didn't work. I was thinking of trying to update my software. I used the update icon on the dashboard, but it didn't work. What should I do?

Hi! I have a problem using my Eclipse UC844 in my car. I was using it for a while, and then i had to do some maintenance on my car, and when i went to re-install it, i had to enter the code, in the ucnv 844, in order for it to work. I was able to enter the code, until i left the car a few hours ago, and when i returned, the ucnv 844 wouldn't turn on. So i changed the cds to save my previous settings, but, i am getting this error. "Pin CELLLINK-BT0 is already in use.". I have tried to take out the cds, the usb ports, and the unit, and tried to do a factory reset, but nothing seems to be working. In the screen i can see the brand new disc, and it seems to be opening, but it's locking up at the same time. Please help

Hello there, I have an eclipse CD ucvn884 mk2 sony car radio, and I had a problem with it not recognizing a sd card when I was trying to install maps in android and I tried to change the language to portuguese by useing the method in your web-site, but it didnt work, so I got this problem to occur. could you please help me?

Hello, I am trying to boot my eclipsecdav installation from a DVD on the CD player in my maruti scx. But it keeps giving me an error when I try to open the installed software from the. Eclipse dvd.Hi,


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