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Mmi Update 5150 Show

Note A computer virus may prevent you from accessing the Microsoft Update website to install the latest updates. We recommend that you set the Automatic Updates service to run automatically so that a computer is not missing any important updates.

mmi update 5150 show


Each MMI 2G software update brought stability and performance fixes for bluetooth, GPS navigation, amplifier, radio & TV tuner. Also some new features were introduced with Audi Multi Media Interface updates, like GPS map 3D view from software version no. 3460.

Perform the update procedure twice using CD2.You have to do it twice since first update procedure will erase bluetooth device memory. it will actually install new software the second time you run CD2 update.

Hi. In my knowledge there are two ways to update MMI.Eighter by using disk and CD changer or with Audi diagnostic tool (VAS).OBD2 cable just with VCDS or VAG-COM will not let you update the MMI system. Sorry.

Hey i have a 2005 a6 4.2 my current software is 1070 what are my steps to upgrade to 5570 ? also i wanna configureMy aux input my car has factory bose with out the back up camera how much do the update cds cost

Yes it is for Low Basic. It written on the Cd cover. -accessories/oem-integration-and-retrofit/audi_2751/a6-s6-rs6-c6-typ-4f-2005-2011_3281/original-audi-mmi-2g-basic-low-update-for-a4-a5-a6-a8-q7-5570

I have an Audi A6 (2006). I updated MMI to version 5570 a while ago and all worked well. I had AMI retrofitted recently. I do not know which version AMI the software is. I have an iPod touch (5th gen) and attach it using an Audi 30 pin cable (4F0051510AG) and an Apple lightning adapter.

When I try to use the iPod through AMI, it is hit-and-miss as to what happens. Sometimes it is fine and plays without any problems while sometimes it says the device does not have any playable tracks, or it might show some tracks but then freeze when I try to play them.

My car is audi a8 d3 2003 with mmi version 0770 . All i want is to enable audi optical parking .I have changed the parking module to version D which support optical display and coded the module to 02xxxxx but still no optical display when i put in reverse just acoustic. I dont want to update the mmi to 5150 as worry that it will damage the mmi. Is there any other way to enable the optical display Thanks

Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes I had my phone with your tutorial in the car with me and was frightened to get out in case any electrical interference! It may be my slot 1 cd as I have the owner manual cd and a couple of times it says no cd inserted when it had been. Having said that when I went through the tutorial it recognised the cd rom and got to the point where display said software update do not use electric stuff (or words to that effect).

I updated my audi a6 2006, but i used the 2nd cd only one time, now bluetooth aint working anymore, i tried to repeat the update again, but now even with cd 1 the update doesnt start. i tried by removing the battery for 15 mins but still same, any suggestion? Thanks!

Hi:Firstly great work!I have a 2009 Q7 (USA) that i recently updated the nav disc. Now the navigation seems to drop from maps to the destination (where you enter the destination) screen on its own. Any idea what might be causing that?thx.

Dear Mr-fix,I have try to make the update to the A6 of my father, CD1 seem to go well, but after the reboot, I cannot access to the update menu anymore (setup-return)!Do you have any idea?Thanks a lot in advance!

Great advice so far!Installed CD2 and it took approx 6mins and restarted the MMI automatically. Then installed CD2 again to make the Bluetooth work (Bluetooth worked with iPhone before this update) and the install seems to be taking a long time (over an hour) is that normal?

Hello, I try to update but get error metaininfo.txt in line 2269, try with cd version 3360 and get no disk loaded. I have this: interfacebox c6stdplus_0010 Mobile-adap 1130 Amp. Basis 0320 Gateway 0070

Great site. Just bought Audi A6 2007 which has MMI 2G High and which is running version 4220. There is no Bluetooth. I am considering having the Fiscon BT kit fitted. What is the best order? Fit Fiscon then do software update? Or update to 5150, then fit Fiscon, then do BT update on CD2 and finally CD3? Is there a risk that updates could cause Fiscon to fall over?

Hi, Few questions. I have USA version 2009 Audi A4 (B8 Model) my Radio No: 8T1035186R Display N: 8T0919603A HW: H01 SW: 0301. I believe I have 2G High. Would this update work for my system? I am having issue with the radio drawing voltage and someone said if I update the firmware it will fix the issue. Thank you kindly!

hi mr fixitI have Audi A* 2006, with MMI 2g high, bluetooth etc. and factory prep phone installation. Will this update enable full bluetooth connectivity with current smartphones? i.e. Addressbook, call history, music play etc

I need to update the software in my Audi A4 (2007) to MMI 2G version 5570 and want to check which disc I need to get. The current version I have is:SW: 0600HW: H99Map: 8P0919884_R_EUWAre you able to offer any advice please?

The easiest way to update your Wi-Fi driver and software is to download and install the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. This tool identifies your adapter and updates your driver to the latest version, if needed.

The new MIB navigation system is the first system that allows the customer to update the vehicle's navigation system on their own. The map data is available on the myAudi website for download or available in the MMI via an OTA update. For the 2015-2016 Audi A3 with MIB1, there is no OTA option in the MMI, thus the map data can only be updated using the SD card method.

For MIB1 & MIB2 vehicles, map updates are free for the first three years after the production date of the vehicle. The vehicle is automatically activated from the factory to allow the customer to update the MMI navigation with the next five releases within the next three years. This means the customer can attempt to update the MMI with the same release as many times as they want. Release schedules for map updates are approximately Calendar Week 22 (May/June) and Calendar Week 45(October/November) of each year.[46]

Note: Do not update the firmware if you are unsure about the presence of special code or code that is specific to a Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE). A strong recommendation is to contact Lexmark Technical Support and seek the advice of a trained technician if unsure whether updating firmware is right for you.

When the RealPresence Trio system is registered with Skype for Business, you can determine if the Skype for Business display name shows in the list of available devices that supported Apple, Windows, or Android devices can connect with to share content using AirPlay or Miracast.

This page provides an overview of the changes to our firmware. This applies to the application code in our hand controllers, mounts, and accessories. It does not fully describe updates to boot loaders or databases. Release dates are approximate.

This document covers only those devices whose firmware can be updated using Celestron Firmware Manager (CFM). The latest releases for CFM and this document can be found at URL below. Download Celestron Firmware Manager (CFM)

Microsoft has released a cumulative update for Windows 8 that should be installed immediately. This update includes a number of performance and reliability enhancements, and resolves several issues with the base installation of Windows 8.

Some Dell computers may boot to a black screen after upgrading to Windows 8 if their System BIOS has not been updated. For more information refer to Dell Knowledge Base Article, "Computer Boots to a Black Screen After Windows 8 Upgrade"

Microsoft has created an update to Windows 8 that will resolve this issue. To access the download and get more information refer to Microsoft KB Article, "Protected content playback errors on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 after you install KB 2756872"

One simple method to update drivers in Windows 7 or Windows 8 is to navigate to Check for Updates in your Control Panel (under the Security heading). You can access the Control Panel from the Start menu. Check for any updates that may apply, then view and install them. A restart may be required, so be sure to save all work and close any open applications before you begin.

If there are driver updates available, the "Download" option will appear. Click it to start the update process. Your driver upgrades will be downloaded and installed, and you may be prompted to restart your computer.

In some cases, no updates will be listed. However, you can still verify that your computer is up to date by clicking the "Check for updates" option. If no updates appear, then your computer software, including drivers, is up to date and no further action is necessary.

You may also consider selecting "Advanced options." In this window, you can choose how upgrades are installed, whether or not to defer automatic updates, and how your updates are delivered. If you don't have specific preferences, it is recommended that you leave them in their default state.

If you're running HX Edit 3.01 or higher (released on Feb 2, 2021), just connect Helix/HX to your computer via USB and launch HX Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including backing everything up to your computer and updating both HX Edit and your Helix/HX firmware. If you're running an older version of HX Edit, you must update it before updating your Helix/HX hardware.

HX Edit can't magically see new models added to your Helix/HX hardware; you must update HX Edit as well (which you would've done had you followed "How do I update to 3.15?" above). Here's a link to HX Edit 3.15:

Yes. We STRONGLY recommend performing a factory reset AFTER UPDATING your Helix/HX firmware to 3.15 and THEN RESTORING YOUR BACKUP. (Backing up is part of the update process). Here's how to perform a factory reset. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST, AS A FACTORY RESET WILL ERASE ALL YOUR WORK!


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