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The barbet and fillet or barbet and veil could also be worn over the crespine, a thick hairnet or snood. Over time, the crespine evolved into a mesh of jeweler's work that confined the hair on the sides of the head, and even later, at the back. This metal crespine was also called a caul, and remained stylish long after the barbet had fallen out of fashion.[30] For example, it was used in Hungary until the beginning of the second half of the 15th century, as it was used by the Hungarian queen consort Barbara of Celje around 1440.

queen 1335.txt

7700660 At first I was confused, since we've known what she looks like since she was in the last story's cover art, but I think you mean we now know what she looks like as a queen instead of a princess. 041b061a72


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