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Buy Blue Man Group Tickets Las Vegas

Groups receive exclusive discount rates at many performances, avoid online service fees, and can get priority booking before dates are on-sale to the general public. We offer flexible payment policies, allowing you to hold reservations and modify them until a few weeks prior to the performance. Plus, our dedicated Group Sales team in each city will guide any questions you may have along the way, and make your experience quick, easy and fun.Learn more at and contact Group Sales at 1-702-697-1655 or by email at to begin.

buy blue man group tickets las vegas

Dance to the upbeat music that has awed many because the Blue Man Group is a performance art company that was formed in 1991. It is known for its stage productions around the world. Blue Man Group has permanent theatrical productions in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Berlin and a World Tour. The show has been performed in over twenty countries and seen by more than 35 million people worldwide. This unique, fun, and exhilarating show is all non-verbal, but in no way, is it quiet. The Blue Men get their point across using music, comedy, and high-energy theatrics, some involving audience members, and a bit of splattered paint. The show is continually refreshed with new music, fresh stories, custom instruments and state-of-the-art technology. Visit now to watch video clips of their live performances, and the website is also the easy place to find your discounted tickets.

Three friends, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton, founded Blue Man Group in 1987, and at all shows since, all "blue men" appear on stage in groups of three. The original trio first adopted the "blue man" persona for a street procession, which led to them doing small performances at clubs in downtown Manhattan and, finally, a fully produced performance at the Astor Place Theatre in 1991. That theatre has been the home of Blue Man Group in New York ever since.

Blue Man Group is an American performance art company formed in 1987. It was purchased in July 2017 by the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil.[1][2][3] Blue Man Group is known for its stage productions, which incorporate many kinds of music and art, both popular and obscure.[4] Its performers, known as Blue Men, have their skin painted blue. They are mute during shows and always appear in groups of three.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Blue Man Group box office, any MGM Resorts International ticketing outlet, or call 1.800.blueman. Fans can also keep up with the latest Blue Man Group Las Vegas news and events through Facebook at, Twitter at or the hashtag #DareToLive.

Leave your expectations at the door and let three bald and blue men take you on a spectacular journey bursting with music, laughter and surprises. In this multi-sensory experience, you'll get to enjoy the mix of music, lights and color that characterizes the group's performances now integrating new music, new design, new technology and a new finale to bring the entire audience together for a euphoric celebration of life.

Tested: I checked the website and found four-pack tickets widely available for shows at 7 and 9:30 p.m. The group promotes this as a good bet for the spring break crowd too. Daily shows at 4 p.m. have been added between April 12 and 21.

*Disclaimer* Meet and greet tickets are only meet and greets if they are specified in the ticket group, section, row or notes. Meet and greets are very rare and only a handful of performers offer them. They typically range between $1000-$5000 each if they are offered. There are many other VIP tickets or packages that can be found on this site. We also display regular tickets for many events. These regular tickets DO NOT include meet and greets or VIP.

Single tickets go on sale on Friday, Sept. 16, at 10 a.m. at, by phone at 615-782-4040 and in person at the TPAC Box Office, 505 Deaderick St., in downtown Nashville. For groups of 10 or more, call 615-782-4060. Patrons are encouraged to have tickets delivered to the TPAC Concierge App.

Blue Man Group will resume their off-Broadway engagement this fall. Blue Man Group are back at the Astor Place Theatre from September 3, marking the group's 30th anniversary since they opened in New York. Find out more about Blue Man Group tickets here.

As the company grows, it remains true to its vision of providing exciting experiences in a variety of media, appealing to a broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds. Learn more at 041b061a72


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