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Santiago Rivera

Fate Stay Night Visual Novel English Patch Download !!BETTER!!

Despite the game not being available outside of Japan, fan-made English patches are available for the game, one that can simply translate the PC version of Réalta Nua into English, while the other, in essence, provides the best of all worlds from the original Fate/stay night and its later re-releases.

Fate Stay Night Visual Novel English Patch Download

Is it posible for me to get around having to insert the disk, or do i have to inport first. Just asking, and thanks for doing this for the fans of fate/stay night. Chances are it wont ever be released in the states and its nice to be able to play it(even if i have yet to play it, but im sure its good). Thats all i need to know thanks

I have everything working except it's in Japanese.. I downloaded the English patch, put all of the folder contents into the faterealtanua_savedata folder, then moved that folder to C://Users/Public/Documents but it still won't work.

Hi, could someone help me obtaining the Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua version. I've tried searching it up on google but i saw alot of different versions so i didnt know which on to get. I really wanna get in to the fate/stay night series and this is going to be my first time playing/reading a visual novel. I know it's not allowed to post a link for the VN here, but maybe someone can help me through skype or a pm. Thanks in advance

Try moving all your game files up one folder. It should go fatestaynight > fate (game files within). You have it one folder too deep, and this caused an error for another person that moving it up solved.

I downloaded the torrent from the 'site', but the file is named Fate stay night Realta Nua and it doesn't show as a folder holding the files for each individual route. Please help.(My computer is Windows Vista)

I'm at a loss for installing this. I downloaded both the game and the patch, and now I don't know where to go. Instructions I find tell me to move certain files to a faterealtanua_savedata folder, which I cannot find on my computer or in the download. Is there a detailed video installation guide for this?

I might be thinking too much into this. Anyway, here's where I am now. I've extracted all the necessary files (I believe) from the english patch download into the savegames folder in My Documents, and have extracted all the game files and crack files from the main download, then extracted the appropriate .exe and .xp3 files from the crack folders into the respective game folders. But whenever I try and run it I get this.

Want to have the original Fate/Stay Night ero scenes with quality decensors for Night Realta Nua? First ensure you've installed Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua - Ultimate Edition (with decensored H scenes enabled). Then download this config file and put it in the install directory. You can also get a readme that includes a FAQ and credits and a zip file of all the decensored images enabled in the game by the modified config file (warning: adult content and spoilers!). (Why) Should I Use This Config File? Short Explanation: View the comparisons gallery. Decide for yourself which you prefer. Warning: adult content and spoilers! Long Explanation:The original Fate/Stay Night had an uncensor patch, produced by anonymous. However, the uncensored images were almost all relatively low quality and in at least one case, anatomically impossible. To remedy this, I asked Belldandy100 to create better uncensored images, which he kindly did. In my opinion, his images are more detailed, sharper, and overall better looking and more erotic than those created by anonymous. I released these images packaged into the 'Improved Uncensor Patch' for the original Fate/Stay Night.However, when the english patch for "Fate/Stay Nigh: Realta Nua" was released, it seems that the project leads decided for some reason to re-add many of anonymous' original uncensors and only use a few of Belldandy100's images. I still consider anonymous' images to be inferior, and now has the added problem of mixing two different art styles in the ero scenes. So for both consistency and quality, I think using this configuration file to restore Belldandy100s images is a better option.But don't take my word for it, feel free to check the before and after images in the comparisons gallery so you know what you're getting (Warning: adult content and potential spoilers!). Legacy Version: If you're using the older unofficial english translation patch, download the below: Fate/Stay Night - Realta Nua Improved Uncensor Mod

I was just wondering since I am very new to downloading this in pieces could someone please help in terms of what steps I will need to do in order to download this proper. I need to know how I am supposed to extract and what files am I supposed to extract. I have never had this much trouble trying to download a visual novel before. I have already downloaded the old PC version of Fate/ Stay Night but would like to try this one out. Please, if someone could be helpful by giving me a step-by-step on what I need to do, that would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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