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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

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The Ørgreen trademark is our prescription eyewear and sunglasses, made in titanium and beta-titanium: precious metals in a superb quality designed to last. Our collections are designed and developed in Denmark and made by hand in Japan, known and respected for high standards and irrefutable quality. Individually crafted with more than 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve its penchant for perfection.

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The Orgreen trademark is their prescription glasses and sunglasses, made with precious metals in a level of quality designed to last. The designs from Denmark are sent to Japan to complete over 100 separate processes over the course of six months. They incorporate traditional Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary Danish design. The precision and detail that goes into each pair of Ørgreen frames shows the astounding craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing process. After all this hard work, a pair of Ørgreen glasses are finally ready to wear!

Offering both glasses and sunglasses, Ørgreen keep their style very minimal and classic in true Danish fashion. Ørgreen are challenging tradition by bringing in modern materials, new colour palettes and versatility into their frames, while maintaining the minimal look they are so well known for.

Cateye glasses can be worn by almost any face shape. Only round face shapes should avoid the cateye style. The shape of these Orgreen Jerrad 223 makes the facial features softer and more feminine. Cateye glasses from Orgreen bring back the style of the 60s. The Cateye, or Butterfly style, adds the finishing touch to your style.

These full rim Orgreen glasses are a fashionable accessory. Like all full-rim glasses, they protect the lenses optimally because they are fully enclosed. The full rim gives you plenty of scope for different designs and colour variations. These options also make Orgreen full rim glasses much more eye-catching. Orgreen full rim glasses are not only a visual aid, but also a fashion accessory.

--> Tipp:You can easily order several pairs of glasses from us and try them on at home. Within Germany, the return of glasses that don`t fit is free of charge. Since all packages are shipped climate neutrally, you don`t need to have a guilty conscience.

You want to order your glasses with lenses in your strength? Add your glasses to the shopping cart and then your lenses, we will send you your glasses with the lenses. Ordering your glasses with lenses will increase the shipping time by 7-14 days.

Lenses are personalized goods and cannot be returned. If you are unsure whether a pair of glasses fits you, we recommend that you order them in advance without lenses. The return shipment for the grinding of your lenses will then be free of charge within Germany with our return label.

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. We want you to be satisfied with your new refurbished glasses. For this reason we give you the following promise: every pair of glasses is carefully checked by our team and us. Every pair of glasses is thoroughly refurbished and cleaned by us with love. So it shines again in new splendor. All pictures show the original glasses and are taken in our own photo studio. Only when we are convinced of the quality of the refurbished brand glasses, they are sold. If the quality is not right, the frame does not fit or you do not like it, you can send any of our glasses back to us. In Germany this service is free of charge! If you have any other problems, our customer service will be happy to help you.

In that classroom, we sat at desks arranged in an oval. The teacher wore light-colored shirts with a department-store tie that covered his buttons. He had glasses and a great deal of nervous energy, and he wanted to motivate us to affect our worlds. Aside from a few personal anecdotes, I remember nothing of what he said. 041b061a72


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