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Buy Roof Rake _BEST_

2. A slight bend in the handle is good. It allows you to move the handle vertically as you rake the roof, whereas a straight rake only lets you push back and forth. A slightly bent roof rake is more versatile and easier to use.

buy roof rake

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We also have recommendations for a few supplementary tools that you may want to consider in addition to your shovel. The Bully Tools 92813 Snow Pusher and True Temper Sleigh Shovel (also sold under the Garant name) are designed to clear larger areas, liker driveways. The Ames Sidewalk Scraper is a great tool for smashing up stubborn bits of ice. The True Temper Telescoping Roof Rake is, as the name suggests, good for knocking snow off a roof, which goes a long way toward preventing ice damming. We also have a separate guide to snow blowers, which offer yet another way to remove snow from a driveway.

The EziMate clamps to the shovel shaft with two hex bolts. Thanks to the included hex wrench, which you can store directly on the handle, you can quickly loosen the bolts and slide the handle up or down the shaft to accommodate different-size people using the shovel. It also takes only a few minutes to switch the handle over to another tool, such as a rake or a spade shovel. Our previous pick, the Stout Backsaver, is much more tedious to adjust in this manner.

A roof rake allows you to knock snow off a roof, particularly at the eaves. By doing this you greatly reduce the chances of getting an ice dam, which can be catastrophic to the well-being of a house. Ice dams form when heat coming through the roof melts snow, which then runs down to the eave and freezes. The frozen mass gets bigger and bigger until it creates a dam that traps any new water coming down the roof. Once this happens, the water has nowhere to go but under the shingles and into the walls of the house. There, it will wreak havoc on your insulation, wall board, and framing, possibly causing rot and mold. A good roofer will properly waterproof the eaves of a house to prevent such infiltration, but it can be a real problem in older homes.

For this type of snow clearing, we recommend the 17-foot True Temper Telescoping Roof Rake. Unlike most other roof rakes, the True Temper model is a single unit with a three-part telescoping handle. The pieces slide freely with the press of a release button, and they can click into place at a variety of lengths. Traditionally, roof rakes consist of three full-size, non-telescoping handles that can click together only end to end, making the tool awkward to use.

When we tested the True Temper roof rake, we found that the push-button system made for quick and easy length adjustments to the handle. This feature was a big help as we were coaxing a pile of snow down a roofline. We also like that there is a hole at the base of the handle, so it can hang in the garage when not in use.

With this roof rake, rollers stand between the blade and the roof shingles to prevent scratching and keep the process easy. It's both lightweight and durable to provide reliable use without sacrificing maneuverability. It's 21 feet in length to give you plenty of reach.

Equip yourself with our most complete and best-selling roofing snow removal tool. With our SnowPeeler PREMIUM in hand, you'll clear your roof up to three times faster than a conventional roof rake. And it's entirely safe for you and your roof!

Snowpeeler works great. It's heavy with all the sections. Just had a 20" snowfall and parts of house had 4' drifts. Worked so much easier than the pull snow down roof rake. My brother bought one after i brought mine over to his house and we cleared his roof.

I have a multi peaked roof style home surrounded by trees that accumulates feet of snow every year. I have been using the traditional roof rake for years and it was a task that I always tried to avoid due to the difficulty. The Snow Peeler is amazing. I was able to clean right to the peak of my home in about 1/8th the time, with mush less effort! I am a believer!

With SnowPeeler, snow removal on the roof has never been so easy, fast and safe. With its easy-to-assemble sectional pole handle and its tapered rectangular commercial-grade aluminum cutting blade, SnowPeeler allows you to clear snow from the roof 3 times faster than with a conventional snow rake. Its sharp blade slices through the snow and slides it from the roof by gravity onto the robust snow slide.

Essential tools for substantial snowfall, these roof rakes help to prevent structural collapse and water damage by reducing weight and snow buildup. In clearing snow off rooftops and sides of buildings, they also help to keep gutters from becoming clogged and weighed down, which minimizes icicle formation and gutter damage.

If your climate is snowy in the wintertime (and sometimes in spring), you know how dangerous snow can be if it accumulates on your roof. All the extra weight can damage your roof, or it may suddenly slide off and hit you, your children or your pets. Roof snow rakes are an effective, simple tool for eliminating these dangers.

Some of the best roof snow rakes have wheels on either edge of the blade. These wheels provide several benefits, the largest being they prevent the blade from coming in direct contact with your roof. The wheels protect your roof from scratches and unintentional damage. It also makes it easier to move the rake up and down the roofline.

While slides are less common than wheels, some roof snow rakes have slides that wrap around the blade. These slides provide a slick surface for the snow to slide down. They also prevent snow from accumulating in your eaves and gutters.

A. An ice dam forms when the snow melts and drips onto the edge of your roof. It refreezes and continues to accumulate as the snow melts and then freezes again, forming a dam. Eventually, this can start to leak through your roof and into your home. They are a hassle to get rid of once they form, so make sure to scrape off your roof after each snowfall.

Frequent snowfalls will mean you may accumulate snow on your roof, especially if your roof is not steep or pitched. You don't want snow to accumulate and eventually cause your roof to have damage or even collapse. When you see compiling snow on the roof, that is a sign that it is time for you to remove it prior to causing harm or allowing ice dams to occur.

Interestingly, a foot of snow can weigh up to 20+ pounds - which presents even more crushing weight with each foot of snow that falls. As the inches of snow accumulate, the weight compounds, shingles can be damaged, an ice dam can develop, and your roof may succumb to the snow and ice.

Before you rake a roof, you need the right tools for the job. A quality roof rake will have an extendable pole and a well-constructed metal or fiberglass end with which to remove snow. How do you know which size roof rake to purchase? You should start this process by measuring how long your roof is that you want to clear of snow. Generally, you can purchase a 6', 8' or 12' roof rake. Some homeowners will even go up to 21+ feet in length in the roof rakes they purchase. You should purchase the proper length roof rake that will allow you to reach the peak of your roofline. Roof rakes are readily available online or can be purchased from your local home improvement store.

While you may be tempted to use a shovel, garden rake, broom or even your feet to remove snow from your roof - we don't recommend it! You should purchase a quality roof rake which will allow you to be more careful and safe. And, given you stay in Minnesota, you'll have this tool available to use year after year no matter how cold or snowy the weather.

Using a roof rake is just one strategy to remove snow from your roof, but it is advisable to call on a professional ice dam or snow removal company. Before the arrival of freezing weather, they will inspect your property and recommend strategies for managing ice dams and preventing future damage. They can also advise you on gutter cleaning and how to avoid developing ice dams.Maintaining your roof is an investment. If you do not know the signs of roof damage, you may be stuck with very expensive repairs - or even worse, having to replace your entire roof. An experienced company will provide their expertise in helping you determine if there is a problem with your roof and then give professional recommendations for how to resolve roofing issues. Even better, a company experienced with roofing care and maintenance will help prevent damage throughout the entire winter season.The best part about giving a phone call or requesting a free quote online for a service to care for your roof for you is that you'll be free to enjoy the FUN our Minnesota winter season can offer! Contact The Lawnsmith to schedule this roof raking service today.

Whenever we get a large snowfall or a lot of snow over time, homeowners, tenants, and business operators should be alert to the danger posed by heavy snow loads on roofs and recognize warning signs of potential structural weaknesses.

Often the risks can be mitigated by removing snow from roofs of both commercial buildings and homes, but this can also be dangerous. Here are some considerations for deciding whether snow should be removed, and how to remove it safely.

Here are some guidelines from the Insurance Institute on Business and Home Safety. IBHS estimates the typical roof can handle 20 pounds per square foot of additional weight. However, if you have an older home or older roof, especially if you have had problems before, you might want to figure on less than 20 pounds.

As an example, two feet of old snow and two feet of new snow could weigh as much as 60 lbs per square foot of roof space, which is beyond the typical snow load capacity of most roofs.

With 30 inches of snow on the ground and another 12 inches forecast, removing the existing snow from a low pitched roof was necessary to prevent a costly ice dam and interior damage. An old shop broom, a scrap of 3/8" plywood, a telescoping handle and a few feet of 12 gauge electrical wire transformed an old shop push broom into an effective snow rake. 041b061a72


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