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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Akon - Sorry, Blame It On Me

"I'm just a singer trying to entertain," he sings to his audience. "Because I love my fans I'll take the blame." Trending News Gwyneth Paltrow lawsuit: When skiers collide, who is at fault? Gwyneth Paltrow not responsible for ski crash, jury finds in civil trial Neil Diamond on coming to terms with his Parkinson's diagnosis Oscars 2023: List of winners and nominees .component--type-recirculation .item:nth-child(5) display: none; #inline-recirc-item--id-9e5dd5ee-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d, #right-rail-recirc-item--id-9e5dd5ee-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d display: none; #inline-recirc-item--id-9e5dd5ee-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d .item:nth-child(5) display: block;

Akon - Sorry, Blame It On Me

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