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In The Mark of Athena, it is said that Jason described Reyna to his crewmates on the Argo II. Reyna was very happy to see Jason return to Camp Jupiter safely and called him her "colleague." Annabeth noticed that Reyna spoke the word colleague like it was dangerous, implying that Reyna viewed Jason to be more than a colleague. Jason introduced Reyna to Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. Reyna was very excited to have a proper reunion with Jason. When Reyna turned towards Jason, Annabeth noticed that Reyna had a "hungry sort of gleam" in her eyes. When the group decided to eat together, Reyna sat with Jason and his friends. However, Reyna realized that Jason and Piper were a couple and looked back and forth between them with her brow creased. Reyna was deeply saddened to see Jason's relationship with Piper, and her eyes became stormy, reflecting Reyna's pain. But Jason was oblivious to Reyna's jealousy and even asked her if he could show Piper around New Rome. Annabeth thought Jason was dense for not realizing "how much Reyna liked him." Annabeth recognized that Reyna was really hurt to see Jason give Piper a tour around New Rome. Annabeth compared Reyna's pain to rubbing salt on an open wound. Eventually, Reyna let Jason give Piper a tour of New Rome. But Reyna had a hardened expression, and her tone towards Jason was cold. Later on, Reyna spoke with Annabeth privately and confided that Jason changed. In Reyna's eyes, Jason was not quite Roman anymore, and Reyna's voice sounded like broken glass. Annabeth, who had "spent her whole life learning to read people," sensed that Reyna wanted Jason to "love her." Also, Piper admired Reyna for keeping her emotions in control and not being too upset about Jason. Piper didn't blame Reyna for having a crush on Jason and understood her reasons. Reyna admires Jason for his personality. Reyna looked up to Jason because he always followed the rules, was a leader, and tried to be a role model for other campers. At his core, Jason is a Roman, which is one of the reasons why Reyna was attracted to him.

Preteen Reyna Model




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