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FULL Vehicle Tracking 2016 Key \/\/TOP\\\\

Second, an employer should consider state tort laws that it may violate if it tracks employees without their knowledge or consent, such as invasion of privacy. Several courts have held that where an employer attaches a GPS tracking device to an employer-owned vehicle, an employee driving that vehicle is not able to state a claim for invasion of privacy when the employer tracks the whereabouts of the vehicle. See, e.g., Elgin v. Coco-Cola Bottling Co., 2005 WL 3050633 (E.D. Mo. 2005); Tubbs v. Wynne Transport, 2007 WL 1189640 (S.D. Texas, 2007). These cases track the Illinois statute, which allows an employer to install a GPS tracking device in a vehicle owned by the business. But one thing an employer may consider is giving notice to employees that it might use GPS monitoring in connection with employee use of company equipment.

FULL Vehicle Tracking 2016 Key

The law is less clear, however, when an employer wishes to track employees who use their personal vehicles for company business. For example, a New York state court held that installing a GPS device on a vehicle personally owned by a state employee suspected of falsifying time records was an unreasonable search. Cunningham v. New York State Dept. of Labor, 21 N.Y.3d 515 (NY Ct. App., 2013). The court found that if the state had monitored the employee only during business hours, the search would have likely been lawful, but because the state monitored the employee during and after work hours, the entire search was unreasonable and unconstitutional. On the other hand, other courts have found that taxi drivers in New York City did not have an expectation of privacy in GPS data gathered from a tracking system that state regulatory authorities required to be installed in all cabs, even though the taxi drivers personally owned their vehicles. See, e.g., El-Nahal v. Yassky, 993 F.Supp.2d 460, 466 (S.D.N.Y., 2014).

Active GPS tracking devicesActive GPS tracking devices report location in real-time. They are compatible with smartphones and laptop computers. The limitation of most active tracking devices is that they need to be hard-wired into the vehicles they track to have a constant power supply.

Volvo's mobile partner is AT&T, which means the affected vehicles will lose 3G connectivity in February. The shutdown will cut off features such as real-time traffic updates and in-car access to the Volvo On Call app that offers emergency assistance and remote tracking.

For fleet owners looking for a vehicle tracking solution that is simple touse and addresses common pain points such as high fuel costs, workerproductivity, driver safety, compliance and asset security.

Our GPS fleet tracking mobile app allows you to take your businesswherever you go.2 View vehicles andassets on a live map, locate a driver, see vehicle activity and routehistory, and receive alerts on driver behaviors.

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS to monitor theactivity of tracked assets (vehicles, workers, equipment). It is oftenreferred to as vehicle tracking or AVL. The fleet is generally acollection of land-based assets such as cars, trucks, field workers andequipment (powered and unpowered e.g. trailers).

Fleet tracking uses telematics technology to collect data from a fleetof assets. This data is normally collected in near real time (actively)so it is more useful for fleet managers, who use the data to makestrategic decisions about operations (which vehicle should I dispatch toa new job, where is the nearest crane, how many generators do we have inthe yard, has my lone worker returned from the jobsite etc).

Ford does have tracking devices like FordPass to prevent car theft. However, not all Ford vehicles have inbuilt tracking devices as standard features. You find tracking devices on the Fiesta, Fusion, and Mustang models.


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