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Tacx Trainer Software 4.0 Download 67

More and more Tacx riders who were still using an old version of the software (the Tacx Trainer software 1, 2 or 3 or the Fortius or i-Magic software) are switching to the new Tacx Trainer software 4. The TTS 4, which also works on the older models of the Tacx trainers, is a world of difference from the TTS 3 and the earlier versions. The main advantages are listed to the right. Especially in the field of Virtual Reality, the TTS 4 has undergone a metamorphosis with the development of beautifully designed VR terrains that are extremely lifelike, such as Italian hills and an American city. The TTS 4 is continuously expanded with updates that each user can download for free. The new hardware wizard for connecting devices and improved styling and operation of the intro screen have made the software much more user-friendly. Catalyst, Analyser and Power Mode have also been expanded and improved with some new features. Recently BikeNet, Facebook and Twitter have been integrated into the TTS 4. Which features does TTS 4 have compared to TTS 3?

tacx trainer software 4.0 download 67

COMMIT LOGd17d3c5 VERSION 3.6 DEVELOPMENT BUILD JUNE 202199f73bd Use translated version of Bike in sports list for zonesdf08c60 Update translations files and fix minor translations related issues2b063c9 Ensure default sport for zones6e4dba8 Fix crash at startup when there is no power.zones316e62d Added missing include header for std::numeric_limits (#3894)a5043d1 Identify common endurance sports names for endurance athletes including translations0ba409a CPPlot - Display model parameters in Pace units for Rowaed3018 Add Pace Row to LTMPopup773e5a2 Add Row to default sports and Pace Row (min/500)0d0cf42 Enable specific HR and Power zones for other sports5472b0b Fix missing replacement in LMPlot.cpp from last commit3a07cc5 Generalize Power Zones for any sport380dc47 Generalize HrZones for any sport815496a Flatten Train View Load Colors6486e89 Fix show efforts on CP Plotd830412 User Charts and the Configured Colors - Part 2 of 21762265 Logical operator is && not "and" in C++df1d83c User Charts and the Configured Colors - Part 1 of 220a7d74 Air density calculator: add ability to use relative humidity489c499 isinf() not std::isinf()95e5cb3 isnan() not std::isnan()9a0b6e0 qSort is deprecated, use std::sort44f49c5 Air Density Calculator - Use Average Temp from current activitybee7d48 DropBox - Report message on connection errord7e1747 Python API - setTag/delTag/hasTag manage overrides9315b30 Add setTag/delTag/hasTag to Python API4d5841e Move Boost GeometricTools_BSplineCurve.h to contribe1ac00b Move contributed sources to contrib directory3d07321 RideNavigator - Use uniform row height (#3890)c420423 Fix Train Multi/Poly Regression compiler warningsf279898 Fix Realtime widgets compiler warnings6560194 Fix LM compiler warningsaaa6bac Fix Colors.cpp compile warningsa4e9b52 Fix TTSReader compiler warningsae2df3a Fix KurtInRide/SmartControl compiler warningsce92012 Fix Imagic compiler warningscebf46a Disable warning messages for BSPline/FixGPSf072a1a EPM Parser - Don't overwrite distance from position recordsf77f040 Additional Median Option in "Fix Power Spikes" Data Processor (#3887)07c532a EPM Parser - Compute distance for old files with dpf6572bbb Train View - Auto select matching media and videosync files3e153f0 Velo Hero: Use HTTP with TLS and custom User-Agent (#3885)ac60606 Train View - Save workout name as Route metadata0a03aac Train View - Cancel any pending start on disconnect79f4bb2 Train View - Optional countdown for start workoutd932811 PMCData - create a DataFilter for eval at refresh time1e1ddfa PMCData - use the metric case when expression is a metric name3e62146 Activity Chart - don't smooth when secs are not available88060fa Activity chart full replot on x-axis change6c2a435 Set Activity plot to Blank when the x-axis series is not presentc9e0135 Equipment update on Strava download9ff6d6a Allow Device metadata field changes like standard fieldsd27327d Improve error message for measures field names55e9cdb Restrict Scope authorization to drive.file for Google Drive46be903 Set HTTP User Agent in Web chart and OAuth dialog6c960f1 Add more Sigma Sport devices (#3877)96c8508 Get Equipment name on Strava download37c1ec4 Sync Strava trainer tag5540160 Sync Strava commute tag2536baf Tidy up issue template [skip ci]8de66b8 Update issue template [skip ci]2cbf324 Upgrade Python to 3.7.10 for Travis-ci Linux builds4c7bdc3 Add context help for Training Preferences and AddDeviceWizard133364e Fix startup crash on Windows/Linux with HighDPI monitors39d19e8 TrainSidebar - Delay setWhatThis after addWidgetf0f1b13 Deprecated defaultString from DeviceConfigurationde10c10 AddDeviceWizard - Add Virtual Power Name to final step5d666c8 Correcting bug with quote character in workout Textevents and ZWO export (#3872)696a04e Fit : Add Garmin Edge 130/130Pluse261794 AddDeviceWizard tidy up465ec03 Enable SportTracks debug as a runtime option (#3869)ea54869 deriveExtCPParameters - Initial estimates setup after data verification0b3a883 Read EPOC from Garmin FIT file (#3860)c474dae Facility to trace all the USB communications (#3855)cb04baf Update Context Help for Options/Preferences and ScopeBare79b474 Add Context Help to Compare Pane and Workout Controlc01b696 Add Context Help for Python, R, Web, Overview and User charts5a1bd1a Add Context Help to Train View Sidebar and Charts Fixes #3866c15d1bc Add What's This to Help Menu and Toolbara0a9c31 ConfigDialog - Enable What's this and disable min/max buttons5f78616 RideMapWindow - Fix wiki link and add subdomain to OSM Tile Servers4ed2565 Map Chart - allow using apikey in OSM url and some useful defaults6e77d6b Recognize Paul Johnsondf1b5fd RideMapWindow - Fix marker icons position for OSM maps378cf95 New Map Chart display options (#3851)2a8678d Overview Metric Tile - Enable decorations for Pace related metricse3fda3c Overview - Fix up/down in Metric and RPE tilesa2b95df Add "Ramp" qName to ZwiftParser (#3863)3f476a8 Add Polarized option to ZoneOverviewItem (#3858)92f81ef Removed the unused styleOptions from RideMap (#3849)e849b4f Workout Editor - round decimal watts for qwkcode and remove cues239f66f Enable external links in AboutDialog Fixes #3856be3cb9d Change links to to use https58617cb Add debugging options to select the log file, format and rules, and redirect stderr (#3837)5c33ffb Fix compiler warning in MetricSelect.cpp (#3852)b9b6745 Upgrade Travis-ci Linux build environment to bionic [skip AppVeyor] In preparation for the end of xenial support763235a Update INSTALL-LINUX to build v3.6 on Ubuntu 18.04e9abe68 Fix compiler warning: shift of negative value in LocationInterPolation.hcabe078 Change LTMPlot curves QHash to QMultiHash2be7a2c Compute the altitude incrementally from slope for Manual Slope Mode (#3847)0fe28ab Add Time and Percent in Zones I-II-III metrics for HR, Power and Pace5714a74 Add configurable Aerobic Threshold Velocity to Pace Zones44c6749 Add configurable Aerobic Threshold Power to Zonesb79166f Add configurable Aerobic Threshold HR to HrZonesfc9e302 Reme...

COMMIT LOG6164dd9 VERSION 3.6 DEVELOPMENT SEPTEMBER 20208c5b416 Fix sensor serial number import from FIT files Type is uint32z according ANT+ specificationb2da0af Add Qt5OpenGL.dll to Windows installer Required by 8b651b5 [skip Travis]8b651b5 OpenGL renderingb69daad Fix error when computing Recovery Points in FilterHrv We need to use Symbols, not names, to avoid translation related issues Complements 0179c3b0179c3b Fix Regresion when computing Recovery Points in FilterHrv894d9e6 Propagate Weight and other simulation parameters to training devices (#3500)9e4fe43 Chart space remove drop shadowc3f7cf1 Chart Space drop shadowf1c6394 Use the new Data instead of Ride Editor for Python Fixes Fix crash reported at the forum0f40659 Fix comment on BT40Device16d5c82 Fix sample measures.ini documentation error [skip ci]96b4cac DataFilter - xdata() function1a184f9 Fix Qt message handler used when API Web Service is enabled84f706f Use different time base for BTLE speed computation42632c4 Avoid crashes on Trends Overview when metric is unavailable203c505 Update Readme.md5ef8817 Move Pace units from athlete to general settings46e07a7 Make measures.ini global looking for it in gcroot35606d3 src/Core/Context.cpp: include Settings.h (#3577)fbd095a Split Global and Athlete configuration79071a2 Fix Travis-ci macOS builds80d7eed RideMetadata and friends moved to GlobalContexta0409e8 Fix truncated json when importing Lap Swim FIT files6cdd5bb Shorter timeout on upload39feb58 Show metrics in locale aware collation order99fb4f5 Tweak RideEditor header cosmetics6fcabd6 Ride Editor bottom tabs match Ride Metadata tab stylebdd6d2c Fix KPI Tracker in chart library90e20d7 Unified Editor and Metadataebca2b8 Modernise the Metadata tabbar2a43f11 Revert "Windows builds log to goldencheetah.log when not debugging (#3485)"6cdb848 Show metric refresh progress on Athlete View2372b4c RideNavigator one more row of text2eed6f6 Allplot less transparency3c6bbd5 Theme Tweak add MS Teams inspired theme1eae9f4 Metrics Trends chart - Fix averaging group counter414cc63 Don't compute Pace Swim for non swimming activities Fixes #35702ada830 Fix generated distance for lap swims Fixes #356780ba487 Fix SEGV configChanged after athlete closed9bb1f34 Fixup RideCache Load in Thread64e8312 Computrainer Button tidy up (#3538)97da9f9 Increase precision to 3 digits on RideEditor XData Fixes #3568c52d260 Generalize Body/Hrv Measures and add Nutrition data as example (#3564)9a2d71d Avoid rounding when computing speed and cadence on Lap Swims Fixes #35631d9f570 Introduce a Global Context6bc4820 Windows builds log to goldencheetah.log when not debugging (#3485)c886158 Honor default locale on RideEditor copy/cut pastec491804 Avoid multiple ConfigDialog creation and close on exit7c90abf Fix percentage calculation in Overview Zones histogramsf0fd495 Remove special case for Device metadata tag3f9892d Change lap swim import from FIT files8150d5b Protect against closing first athlete openededec952 Athlete View 2 of 37d9337f Theme Tweaks7e3f141 Don't crash when Python chart APIs are called without a Chart750f7fb Fix missing return in previous commit 5a272390863220 Update Preferences Appearance screen capture for the wiki [skip ci]51eb9e6 Remove climb detection logging to climb.log7189c6d Remove config(SCV) from formulas5a27239 Add Garmin Varia Radar and Light Fixes #35499a62573 Change Body&HRV date entry formate2c6f2e Fix Sort order in TopN on Overview for Pace type metrics7a4be49 RideCache load performance improvement11092bf Athlete View 1 of 3c52a861 User Chart refresh on filter changesf01ed7c Add BikeScore user docfa1e1d0 Change FixLapSwim DP to preserve all previous data1dde50f Change LTMPopup Click-thru to use the new navigation model5d18b81 Fix incorrect debug message in Video Layout Parser9473939 Generic Chart Click-thru 2a of 2b3bf2f13 Generic Chart Click-thru 1 of 21f8bafb Text Cues on TrainBottom display pane (#3544)911b9bd Move BlinnSolver to Metricsba5cf3e Datafilter String Support - 4 of 4c850a53 Remember sidebar settingb9039e7 Generic Chart Nits2874bf6 DataFilter vectors - metadata()4b93632 User Chart Pie and Bar charts now worke885966 Fix User Pie Chart Labels and Colors1a5b7e1 Datafilter String Support - 3 of 4c98695c Datafilter String Support - 2 of 4f767b06 Datafilter - bool() also coerce vectors169bd9c Datafilter String Support - 1 of 45bd48dd Change Fix Speed DP name9b2226d Install Python 3.7.8 for macOS Travis-ci buildsb91c839 Revert "Fit : Decode Dev Fields"cc27d6b Cosmetic nits and themesa1d2fd8 Fix Travis-ci macOS builds - restore python 3.7 simlinksa33a749 AllPlot : Show/hide interval markersc701c8a RideWithGPS : Use API version 22e4fa9f Fit : Decode Dev Fields9a72ab4 Fix Travis-ci macOS builds - use python3.798ff3aa Editor heading alignment fix83b551d Fix SEGV on drop activity into compare paneaf94c6f Change Python version to 3.7.8 for Travis-ci Linux builds6349e53 Fix MetricOverviewItem aggregationeba0284 Simplify and Finalise Dark/Light Themee3d11c2 Train - Enable devices reordering via drag and drop0f73c15 Overview TopN select activity20e0b4a Fix SEGV navigation with forward buttonb313cb4 Overview Bubble Select Activity64da909 Basic Navigation Model94c723f Fix Hr and Power Zone metricsc16d4c4 Fix crash when adding video without overlay widgets support3b2aa33 Run and Bike power estimators - add preconditions to descriptione6938a3 Video Player - Add Reset Meters layout to default button5518ac9 Light/Dark theme settings again88e6c4c Apply theme set chrome to matchb02a640 Selection Sidebar honor CCHROME configec19565 GC Learning Curve PPTd0dba1d Reimplement isLowerBetter for User Metrics1599546 Honour RideMetric::isLowerBetter() when ranking709994c Add muscle mass and bone mass to Withings downloadc2abdc2 Xert cloud download - spd and alt fields can have decimal partcd2de5d Russian translation update (#3522)d9df2bb Cosmetic nits8ec6d51 Cosmetic nits0b5153a Overview better date handling93259ce Overview improve displaying of time based metrics00b498c Datafilter uniq / multiuniq name change2162cb1 Fix DataFilter uniq() SEGV13c91cf Overview Bubble on Trends Viewac5ae50 LiveMap overlay video widget - show/hide according to Location data presencee90eaf2 Travis-ci cache Python packages to reduce build time on macOS5dd950c Revoke the blocking to upload Overview charts to CloudDB9bdbf22 Datafilter samples() honor interval specificationa270656 Allow Text meter widgets to be of same size and well aligned (#3506)028e822 Edit User metric warning if use sample() functionfdf6d4e Python XDataSeries - Don't use RideFileCommand when readOnly It is unnecessary and too slow Fixes #34450e3766a Add EPM - Ergo Planet Movie format import (#3520)3bfcfa5 Implement RideMetric value and toString with 2 parameters for Pace metrics4d205bd Update Russian translation (#3519)8956f60 VirtualPowerTable: sort remove...


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