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[S2E9] Family Affair

On episode 7, patience begin to run thin as Charlana and Otis come to a breaking point, and Shay gives Alfonzo an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Shorty and Ken get vital insight from family, and the girls get a special night out >>

[S2E9] Family Affair

On episode 8, Alexia confronts Darion over his affair with Kai, leaving the state of their relationship hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, LaRhonda bonds with confident Derrick, Jessica connects deeper with Sean, and as their visions of marriage continue, Jessica >>

The Wall Street Journal critic John Anderson said "The Crown attains genuine sexiness without sex. Margaret, à la Ms. Kirby's interpretation, smolders, as does Elizabeth, at least on occasion."[26] Meghan O'Keefe of Decider wrote that the season "continues to romanticize the British royal family, but the romance comes from how they're normal, not divine".[27]

Meanwhile, Ben has T.J. and Olive continue deciphering the book. They discover Al-Zuras and his men started to go mad trying to get rid of the callings. Ben sees a flash of lightning in the dark sky and realizes his family is experiencing what Al-Zuras and his men went through.

Immediately afterwards, Agnes and her friends are escorted from the hotel. Rufus and Dan follow them outside looking for Jenny. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck deliver Emma to her hotel. She heads upstairs while Blair thanks Chuck for getting Gossip Girl to post the fake blast on Muffy. She then follows Emma into the hotel and stops her. She tells her that her first time should be with someone she loves and that she knows this was really about her trying to get her mother's attention. Emma admits that she's right and that she's sad because her mother never keeps her promise to do mother-daughter things with her when they're in the city. Blair suggests she tell her mother how she feels and that she stay away from the Serge's of the world. Emma tearfully agrees and thanks her for saving her. Meanwhile, Dan gets a call from Jordan, who tells him she wasn't able to get him a letter of recommendation. He thanks her for trying and hangs up. Serena stops him and asks if he's okay. She tells him not to worry about Jenny, and he admits that Jenny put everyone in her life on the line to pursue her passion; and he's worried she got all the courage in the family. Serena asks where that's coming from and he apologizes for spoiling her night. Serena encourages him to talk to her, and he admits that he isn't going to get into Yale or any good writing program. He thanks her for listening and goes to find Rufus. Upstairs, Blair brings Emma into the room to find Elizabeth up waiting for them. Emma tries to explain that it's not Blair's fault but Elizabeth orders her to go to bed. When Emma leaves the room, Elizabeth accuses her of trying to get Emma wasted in exchange for pleading Blair's case to the dean. She finishes by saying that she isn't Yale material. Offended, Blair is about to confront her about her affair when Emma comes back in and again tries to recuse Blair. Elizabeth again orders her to go to bed before commenting that it's no surprise she doesn't want to spend time with her. Hurt, Emma does as she's told. After seeing this, Blair decides not to confront Elizabeth and instead tells her to pay more attention to her daughter.

Meanwhile, Ben deciphers the book with the help of TJ and Olive. They uncover what the people did to get rid of the callings: They went insane in an attempt to free themselves of the callings. Ben notices a flash of lightning in the dark sky and thinks his family is going through what Al-zuras and his family did.

Saanvi awakens and apologizes to Alex for including her in her job, causing her to be concerned. She wishes Alex would return to her family. Alex advises Saanvi to take care of herself and be cautious.

Logan pulls Roman outside and tells him he needs his help. He thinks this could go really badly for Waystar, and the family, between Congress being involved and the shareholders getting spooked. He needs Roman to go track down that sweet foreign investment money, from Eduard, the co-owner of the wrong Scottish football team. Logan thinks the money can give them a time out from the responsibilities of a being a public company. Poor Roman is nervous being the one with this responsibility and Logan pulls out his sweet Daddy card and tells his son he knows that Roman has a gift of getting people to like him. None of his kids can withstand a touch of parental love! Roman is in.

Jack hangs out with Anna. Soon, they steal a truck. Johan speaks with the leaders. Mr. Quiring agrees that they should defend themselves. They agree to stand by Johan and his family. Anna searches around the barn. She is reminded of her suicide attempt. Thomas enters and interrupts. Johan speaks with Jack. He tells Jack that he can just go. He is not needed anymore. Johan blames men like Jack for killing his little girl. Jack suggests otherwise. Johan asks him what it is like to kill a man. They argue back and forth before the episode ends.

It's with these two tenets in mind that the GW golf program has paired with the Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA), whose mission is "to provide rehabilitative golf experiences and family-inclusive golf opportunities for post-9/11 wounded war veterans in an effort to improve the quality of life for these American heroes." 041b061a72


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