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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Leon Hair By Qicc At TSR ~REPACK~

@ZeldaGamer11 they give their hairstyles names. like they made normal hair and gave it a name. they give them names so that you can know which hairstyle you downloaded. they can make some straight hair and name it 'straight hair' but you wouldn't know which straight hair you took because there are 10 more hairstyles with that name. and thats the reason they 'went more out there'

Leon Hair by qicc at TSR

Why choose one when you can have all three? We love a good deal, and this trio is packed with style and value. Each hairstyle carries the current trend of the burst fade, styling with more volume on the top, with a fade or shorter cut on the sides. There is something for everyone here, from voluminous blonde curls, to a sleek fade or slicked back hair. Can we have the contact for their brows, too?

This style is equally gorgeous and trendy. The blonde color is a showstopper, and the voluminous curls at the top are begging to be seen. We love the mysterious and nonchalant aura of this cut, and how the hair is just almost falling in the eyes of the sim. Swoon.

A toddler with a hi-top hairstyle might be the most adorable things known to man. Your sim will have everyone under his thumb with his cuteness and style, they simply will not be able to tell him no. This style just screams cool and fresh, yet is so elegant and chic at the same time. What better way to have your sim get his start in life!

This is a cool hairstyle for male sims. You can wear it to school or for special occasions. The EA swatches make it easy to find the perfect color for your sim and is usually base game compatible.

There are 15 different colors to choose from, so your child will always look stylish. Plus, this hairstyle is compatible with the Color Sliders mod, so you can change the colors to your liking.

This collection features some of the best maxis match hair for everyday use, including both hairstyles and facial hair options, all offered for individual downloads. From stylish waves and a fade to goatees, beard, and even a retextured afro, this collection is useful, diverse, and all-around excellent quality. Simply click on each individual piece to be taken to their unique download page. Download Here.

VeveSims is almost exclusively dedicated to maxis match male hair cc, and they do an excellent job providing consistent quality downloads. Bangs are their forte, from slightly curled to swoop, and even sleek and simple. Some of my favorites include the Simon Hair, framed by tendrils; the punk-inspired Payton Hair; and Diego Hair for an everyday classic. You can view the whole collection/ download it here.

Available for download on Sims Resource, Merci has a small but notable collection-including three hairs for toddlers, as well as three hairs for child sims. Short hair, with swooped and textured curls, are prominent in this collection. Download Here.

For child or toddler male hair in the maxis match style, you may find your search challenging at times. Sometimes it takes some hunting around Sims Resource or Maxis Match World. Individual hairs I love include the Marcel and Mengi braided hairs from qicc, as well as the sleek Leon Hair; the side bang Kean Hair by ms sims.

Alpha hair will provide more flexibility in terms of more detailed textures and colors. The hair in Sims 4 takes on an almost claylike appearance, whereas alpha hair includes individual strands of hair. This more realistic approach is, as I stated before, suited for games running with the highest graphics settings.

I remember this creator as a go-to Sims 3 male and female hairs, and they also deliver, in the same alpha style with excellent quality, for male alpha cc hair. Consistent in quality and aesthetic, this creator offers one of the largest collections on Sims Resource. Some standouts to me include TO0408; the gender-neutral shoulder length curls of TZ1028; the modern punk TZ0906 hairstyle; and the shaved side hairstyle of TZ0204. 041b061a72


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