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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Dis Pontibus Free Download [cheat] |WORK|

I initially created Snake Slider as a freeware Windows game in 2005. Direct inspiration was the Rush Hour puzzle game with the little plastic cars. I wanted to create a Rush Hour game except with trains that could bend, but quickly realised using snakes would be better. When the iPhone was released, I figured it was a good fit for the game because of the touch screen. I created 2 iPhone apps of this game in 2011, a free demo and paid version. Especially the free demo version was downloaded a lot, if I remember correctly at one point it was around 8000 downloads per month. Ultimately I had to pull the app from the App Store as it was making less money than the developer program annual fee. Again later in 2016 I ported the iPhone version as a Javascript webversion which was published by coolmath games. The best thing about the iPhone/web version is the really beautiful graphics, they were created by a professional company based only on some crude stick figure drawings I sent via mail.-Bas de Reuver

Dis Pontibus Free Download [cheat]


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