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Aqua Data Studio 12

The Java class path for the drivers are already configured for ADS in the datastudio.ini for launching ADS with datastudio.exe and in datastudio.bat/.sh and datastudio-bundled.bat/.sh for launching Aqua Data Studio from the command line.

aqua data studio 12

Visual Analytics1 allows you to pull query results into worksheets to create engaging visualizations of your data. You can create dashboards by dragging in visualizations from many worksheets and you can save and share them in workbooks with colleagues and customers allowing them to easily navigate and interact with your data.

Aggregate multiple datasets and build pivot tables and chart visualizations of your data in worksheets. Execute queries on your database servers and pull them into your workbooks, then easily drag and drop to create custom visualizations with filters, calculations and interactive controls.

Augment your datasets with calculated fields and parameters. Users may add calculated fields which are new fields in your dataset where the values are based on user defined expressions of formulas, column values and constants. Parameters allow for controls to the calculated values that allow for users to quickly change content displayed in worksheets and workbooks. Parameters with the same names and types from different sources can be linked, allowing the value of the parameter and all linked parameters to be changed.

Table calculations allow you to add data to your worksheet with formulas that work on the data of your visualization. Create calculations of moving averages, running totals, percent of total and other custom calculations to better analyze your data and make more accurate decisions. Sort table calculations vertically or horizontally for cells showing a percentage, a rank, or a percentile. Other table calculations can be sorted in a perpendicular direction. View the table calculation formula using the calculated field dialog, and convert existing table calculations into calculated fields.

Users can create combination charts within one worksheet representation of a dataset. By pivoting on multiple measure fields, you may choose to display different chart types for each series of data, whether it be as individual or merged charts to provide a combination within one graph.

Random looking plots resulting from granular data can be better interpreted by using trend lines, reference lines and box plots. Trend lines fit a line that best represents the pattern contained within detailed data plots. Reference lines, bands, distributions and box plots offer a quick and convenient way to compare multiple data sets against a central theme and to assess the impact of groups of data points within a single set.

R2 integration provides the ability to use Visual Analytics as your front end tool to rapidly create complex and meaningful visualizations of your statistical data analysis that is run using R. You create calculated fields in Visual Analytics to invoke R commands and the resulting data is plotted similar to any other field.

Worksheets are individual pages in a Workbook used to design pivot tables or visualizations of your datasets. An easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to quickly pivot and aggregate your datasets and visualize your aggregations in different visual representations. Easily resize cells by hovering over any edge of a column header and expand or shrink as desired.

Dashboards provide a workspace for placing individual worksheets within a single view with a custom layout and enables the resulting view to become interactive with custom filters and visualizations. Use dashboards as a summary view of all your worksheets which allows you to quickly drill down into your data.

Save your workbooks and data extracts to disk for later use or to share with colleagues. Save your full design, metadata and data extracts, or only your design, metadata and server connection information.

The Aqua Data Studio Tree Panel contains the Project Browser. Within the Projects Browser, right click and select New Project to create an AquaProject. Every project has an AquaScripts directory, a Servers directory and a User Files directory. You can register a database server and create, debug and execute a set of AquaScripts that work on it. AquaProjects allow you to organize your software development tasks into self contained programming units. Once a project is completed you can export or share with your team.

You may locate the latest DB2 z/OS JDBC drivers at the following location ...Vendor: IBM (JDBC Type 4 Driver)Driver URL: Database Product: DB2 for z/OSDescription: High-performance database for availability, scalability and reliability - optimized for SOA, CRM and data warehousing.

FluidShell includes a complete set of commands for quickly scripting and executing custom solutions for data mining, ETL operations, database/file system data exchange, data warehousing and other data processing tasks. FluidShell provides several popular Unix like commands and includes a large number of commands for shell terminal, database access, data manipulation, filesystem navigation, file and data archiving, network operations, and general utilities. See the complete list of FluidShell Commands.

FluidShell includes commands which can be executed from the shell's command line. The commands provide a variety of functionality which are common to Unix shells and/or SQL shells. FluidShell includes a large number of commands for a shell terminal, database access, data manipulation, filesystem navigation, file and data archiving, network operations, and general utilities. See the complete list of FluidShell Commands.

The SQL Shell functionality of FluidShell is provided by including a SQL buffer and a list of open database connections. Users can enter a SQL statement into the the SQL buffer and then execute the buffer on the current connection. To get a list of currently open connections, a user can use the session command. The user may also create new connections and disconnect them with the connect and disconnect command.

The CData JDBC Driver for PostgreSQL integrates PostgreSQL data with wizards and analytics in IDEs like Aqua Data Studio. This article shows how to connect to PostgreSQL data through the connection manager and execute queries.

To connect to PostgreSQL, set the Server, Port (the default port is 5432), and Database connection properties and set the User and Password you wish to use to authenticate to the server. If the Database property is not specified, the data provider connects to the user's default database.

The Aqua Data Studio 17.0.12 Multilingual Free Download is productivity software for Database Developers, DBAs, and so Analysts. Aqua Data Studio 17.0 Download allows you to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data.

It is used for database management by over 300,000 IT professionals in 98 countries, across Fortune 1000, public enterprise, private companies, and so educational institutions. It is safe and so secure from everything.

Aqua Data Studio is a SQL editor and developer tool that allows developers to easily create, edit, and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse database structures. Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent inferface to all major relational databases. This allows the DBA or developer to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. The application is multi-platform as it is written in Java. Screenshots here.

SQL Editor is an explorer-type tool for MS SQL Server databases. Includes many useful features such as Object Expansion (shows dependencies), Search (find objects containing text), Object History (see and compare previous versions).

Aqua Data Studio can query multiple databases with different SQL queries. However, you cannot query more than one database at the same time in one SQL query. UnityJDBC allows a user to write one query to join, aggregate, and summarize data across any number of databases. It also performs translation of SQL dialects and functions.

Finding Sources and Schema Files - Now that the data virtualization is complete, find the sources.xml file and schema files for your sources. The image below shows the default location which would be inside the UnityJDBC installation directory.

Aqua Data Studio is a very useful application for developers, administrators and database analyzers. It does not matter if the database is the target of SQL, NOSQL, Oracle and the program provides tools that all three mentioned groups can use to make productivity improvements and speed up their work. You can analyze data in an integrated graphical environment. Get a queue Write scripts, edit, and run multiple databases simultaneously. You can also download SQLite Expert Professional 5.

This program can show you the structure of the database graphically, which makes it easier to understand large databases. One of the strengths of this program is the ability to run a task simultaneously on multiple database engines. For example, you define a task that runs concurrently on a local database such as Sybase, multiple Oracle-based remote databases or cloud databases. Without using Aqua Data Studio, you need to go to each of these databases for their specific tools, which will significantly reduce your productivity. You also may like to download Navicat Data Modeler 2.

Connect to any database server and execute SQL queries. Automatically format SQL, color syntax, and complete text to save time in writing SQL statements. View query results in text, grid, pivot, and form views and export to common formats.

Create engaging data visualizations and dashboards to explore and share with others. Identify patterns and trends to find opportunities for further analysis. Apply filters, data labels, table calculations, and statistical analysis with R to create charts to improve business decisions, limit risk and solve difficult problems.


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