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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Arahne Textile Design Software ^HOT^

At the Studio of Fiber Art, the students started off by weaving simpler patterns on their loom by using the design program Arahne. And gradually, they used the same program to move on to more advanced projects like creating upholstery for the redesigning of chairs, transforming their unique drawings or paintings into digital tapestry etc. Late last year, the Academy invited Arahne expert and textile designer Elisabeth Stotzler from Textile Centre at Haslach (Austria), to teach them double weave. Here, we want to share with you some of result of students projects made in this technology.

Arahne Textile Design Software

Create textile designs on computer as a new or from scanned fabric sample, creating normal & compound weaves, applying weave to the designs in the process to making fabric, visualizing-analyzing the fabric of the design, card punching for mechanical as well as electronic jacquard for final production, creating simulation of the fabric, calculating yarn consumption and production time & cost and finally presentation of that fabric texture on photographs of real time objects for the making of swatches & Catalogue


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