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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

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Don't assume the presence of condoms defines the space as condom-only, or that guys you meet will want to use them. If a guy starts fucking me with a condom, I'll pull off and tell him he should have asked. Some guys have latex allergies. Others simply don't like them.

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Consent is sometimes non-verbal in these settings. If a guy is blindfolded with his ass up on a fuck bench, or chilling out in a sling, he's likely giving non-verbal consent to fuck him. If a guy is sitting in front of a glory hole, he's giving non-verbal consent for you to go on the other side and push your dick through the hole. If you see a dick sticking out of a hole, the man on the other side of the wall is giving non-verbal consent to have his dick sucked.

Things happen. He says there are four guys present, then you show up and there's forty. Sometimes you're told it's "drug-free," then you walk in and see guys using. Someone you walk in and come face-to-face with your ex-boyfriend. Sometimes you walk in and come face-to-face with your current (monogamous) boyfriend fucking someone. Sometimes you walk in and come face-to-face with that guy you went on a date with and it was awful, and you never texted him back. Have an exit strategy.

If you're going to a kinky dungeon party and a submissive is tied and gagged and getting fucked by a group of guys, ask who is his dominant before fucking him, since his consent has been handed over to someone else. By being in that situation, some degree of consent has been forfeited -- handed over -- by him to someone else, so ask permission of the person it's been given to. If there is no dominant, and he's there by his own volition, he's still forfeiting a degree of consent (especially if he's blindfolded), but if he says stop, you must stop.

One of my favorite things to do is go to a sex club, hop in a sling, and put on a blindfold. Doing so hands over consent to strangers I can't see. The risk and thrill of this is awesome, and the mood would be ruined if someone bent down and whispered, "May I fuck you?" Him asking is nice, but the answer ("yes") is obvious by being in that situation. If you put yourself in a similar situation, don't expect people to ask. Know the rules of where and how you play.

If you don't perform how you want to perform (if his dick is too big and you simply can't take it; if you promised to fuck five bottoms but only make it through three) you can call it quits with no problem. It's a sex party -- there's nothing to lose, no one you have to impress.

In some cities, we bypass venues and organize large "private" fuck fests -- bigger than a Grindr group, smaller than a sex club. They may be invite-only, or you may need to "know a guy." You may hear of them via word of mouth. They may have email lists you can join in order to be informed when the next one is happening.

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