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Best Place To Buy Carrot Cake

When you think cheesecake, you rarely think carrot cake, too. However contrary, that's just what this Valley Village enterprise delivers with the kind of success that makes driving over the hill a must do should you need to do so when you get a craving for more. The secret is in the vanilla cheesecake center, rocking this particular homemade wonderland--and home to the best mini-cakes in Los Angeles--to the top of the list for diners who have a passion for the finest bakery goods.

best place to buy carrot cake

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In regular or cupcake versions, the carrot cake delivered by Los Angeles' only version of this famed New York City outpost in mid-city is definitely a West Coast delight. Packed with carrots along with raisins, walnuts and plenty of brown sugar, this version of the popular dessert is ideal: Not too sweet, slightly spiced and smothered in rich, cream cheese frosting. A classic!

It might be the delicate praline layering that makes this carrot cake stand out, but even without that feature this finger-licking good version of the classic carrot cake would be a stunner for any special occasion. Available for delivery if you don't have time to go fetch this sweet stuff, this La Brea Ave. find is worth the trek if only to get a whiff of all the desserts upon entering this coveted enterprise.

The original sweet spot for Porto's 9-inch carrot cake, this family-run Cuban cafe (also located in the Southland in Burbank, Downey and Buena Park) delights the aficionado of this particular pastry includes a special ingredient (pineapple) to entice even more than ever. If you go for the whole cake, ask for the special carrot decoration, surrounded by pecans on top, if you want--but don't feel obliged. Both are out-of-this-worth on the taste scale, as is a sheet cake version. We promise.

Looking for a tasty non-dairy version of carrot cake in Los Angeles? Look no further than Veggie Grill in Santa Monica (or any of this local restaurant group's other counter service locations) for its vegan variety of the rich dessert (the typical cream cheese frosting is replaced by a faux vegan replica), along with the crunchy addition of healthy almonds to round out this coveted dish.

Carrot cake, the delicious treat that is traditionally made with grated carrots, warm spices, and a mouthwatering cream cheese frosting, proves that a ho-hum vegetable can be transformed into an incredible cake. Seriously, who knew that carrots would work out so well as a dessert?

As it turns out, historians believe that carrot cake has roots in the Middle Ages, and is a dessert descendant of the carrot puddings that Europeans used to eat during this time. Although variations of this treat have existed throughout the years, carrot cake especially exploded in the United Kingdom during World War II because of rationing. Nowadays, it seems like no one can get enough of this carrot confection.

It's always handy to know exactly where the best carrot cake can be found nearby, which is why we put together this list of the best carrot cakes in every state. From versions that are chock full of nuts and pineapple to others that are imaginative variations of a classic (waffled carrot cake, anyone?) here are some of the best carrot cake options out there.

Nothing But Bundt Cakes has a Birmingham location that makes a delectable carrot cake with pieces of carrot and pineapple baked throughout. According to one Yelp reviewer, it has also achieved the perfect cake to icing ratio: "Just the right amount of icing!! My absolute favorites are carrot cake & red velvet cake!!"

Alaska Cake Studio is Anchorage's multi-functional bakery that not only makes some of the best sweets in the state, but also offers baking and chocolate-making classes. A customer favorite of theirs is the carrot cake, which can also be made gluten-free.

Cafe 1217 has a carrot cake so exquisite that Yelp reviewers have described it as "top notch", "decadent", and even "unbelievably delicious". We suggest enjoying a slice of this must-have dessert with an order of Cafe 1217's creamy tomato bisque, which also has rave reviews.

Susie Cakes, the old-fashioned bakery that uses only the finest ingredients, makes a carrot cake that is reminiscent of grandma's. Made with pecans and golden raisins, and stuffed with their very own praline filling, this scrumptious dessert is a hit among locals. "They really, really do have the best carrot cakes ever! It's always delicious, fresh, and moist," exclaimed one Yelp reviewer, while another confided, "[I] ordered a carrot cake with a customized icing message for a birthday. Was a hit even among non-carrot cake fans."

For years, Cake Crumbs has been baking up delicious desserts for Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood. A favorite among many is their carrot cake, which customers gush about. "I readily admit the carrot cake is absolutely delicious!!!!" reads one Yelp review, "Moist, bursting with plump fruit, and perfect frosting."

Trumbull Kitchen's Waffled Carrot Cake is an inventive spin on an old classic. Made using a waffled carrot cake topped with toasted coconut, vanilla ice cream, and cream cheese icing, this dessert is unbelievably good. Yelp reviewers like it so much that they have described this unique treat as "the best carrot cake ever" and "guaranteed to close your meal on a high note."

According to one Yelp reviewer, every one of their partygoers unanimously agreed that Sweet Somethings has some of the best carrot cake around: "The cake tasted outstanding, the best carrot cake I have ever had!" the Yelp reviewer wrote, "All 80 of my guests agreed."

Located on Rio Circle is Southern Sweets Bakery, a Georgia mainstay that has been making some of the best cakes around since 1992. A favorite among the community is the bakery's Vegan Carrot Spice Cake, which is adorned with beautiful ribboned frosting and chopped nuts. "The cakes are awesome," one Yelp reviewer raved, "especially the carrot cake!"

The family-owned Coffee Shack not only has some of the best views in Hawaii, but makes some incredible sweet treats, too. One of people's favorites is the carrot cake, which has been described by Yelpers as "outstanding."

Certified Kitchen and Bakery, housed in a historic building that was once home to a rug and cleaner company, makes a carrot cake you will not soon forget. Named the Criminal Carrot Cake, it would be criminal if you came here and didn't try a slice. "The carrot cake was one of the BEST I've had in a very long time!" one Yelp reviewer posted, while another shared that the "carrot cake is worth every calorie."

As it turns out, Magnolia Bakery, the iconic New York bakery chain that was founded over two decades ago, is also a favorite in Chicago. Their menu is full of must-try options, such as their famous banana pudding, but their carrot cake is where many customers' loyalty lies. "We ordered a carrot cake for my boss's birthday and it was DIVINE!" one Yelp reviewer declared, while another Yelper gave the delicious cake a perfect score, "Their carrot cake is definitely 5-star worthy!"

Iowa's The Cafe makes a carrot cake that has a bit of an edge to it. For starters, it is served with a homemade caramel sauce that people absolutely love. "Oh, best carrot cake, and I care about my carrot cake," one Yelp reviewer posted.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill's carrot cake, which is served warm with salted caramel sauce, is all types of amazing. Be sure to order it after trying out their Bleu Cheese Filet or Pineapple Chicken, which are both equally amazing.

Superior Seafood, the historic New Orleans haunt, is loved not only for its delicious seafood offerings (try the crawfish cornbread) but also for its sumptuous carrot cake. As one Yelp reviewer stated, "They made my birthday awesome with the best carrot cake I've had. Definitely the best carrot cake in New Orleans."

Two Fat Cats Bakery, the quaint bakeshop that has been featured on the Food Network and written up in the New York Times, is known for its delicious scratch-made carrot cake. One TripAdvisor reviewer excitedly shared that the cake is "decadent and worth every bite!"

Sweet Tooth's carrot cake cupcakes have won awards, so you know they are going to be good. As one Yelp reviewer puts it, "You absolutely MUST get the carrot cake cupcake with the vanilla cream cheese icing or you will be missing out!"

Sarah Jane's Bakery is the welcoming family-owned bakeshop that makes some of Minneapolis's most delicious confections. A must-have on their menu is the carrot cake cupcakes and cakes that are made sans raisins and nuts. One Yelp reviewer is such a fan of the shop that they exclaimed, "Sarah Jane makes the BEST carrot cupcakes and cakes around."

French Kiss Pastries has mini single-portion carrot cakes that are not only adorable, but also delicious. Made without raisins and topped with a cream cheese frosting, this perfectly-sized dessert is one not to miss.

Rumour Restaurant's carrot cake, which is listed as "Nan's Carrot Cake" on their menu, is so good that one TripAdvisor reviewer described it as "in a league of its own." Made with pecans and cream cheese frosting, this delectable dessert is the perfect way to round out any meal at Rumour.

M'S Pub, which has been serving the Omaha community since the 1970s, whips up a homemade carrot cake that could rival your mother's. Made with pecan fondant layers and enrobed in a cream cheese frosting, this carrot cake is one of a kind. As one Yelp reviewer puts it, "The best carrot cake in Omaha!! Can't say the best ever cause then my mom would hate me!!"

Bouchon Bakery is the highly acclaimed Las Vegas bakeshop that is found right in The Venetian. This sophisticated bakery, which is known for its Parisian-style treats and tasty lunch items, also makes some of Nevada's most scrumptious carrot cake. "They have the BEST carrot cake EVER," one Yelp reviewer raves, "Like ever. It's amazing. The end."

Located right across the river from New York City is Sweet, the Hoboken bakery that specializes in scratch-made baked goods. Whether you grab one of their carrot cake cupcakes to go or place an order for their carrot cakes to serve at a birthday party, you will not be disappointed. 041b061a72


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