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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

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Heres the bad part I flew to Vegas bought the house. All I do now is spend a few weeks in vegas gambling then fly home for a bit.the longest I've stayed is a month. I have plenty of money but spend at least half of what I win on whores,coke,and booze. I go to the whore houses in Nevada all the time. I pick up escorts at the casinos nightly and have been with 4 at a time. When I come home I got to hotel bars and pick up women who just want a one night stands. I started cruising whores on back page and craigs list. Now im picking up tranny's online. My life is really out of control I'll pay these whores $50 extra just to not use a condom. I let this super hot tranny in Vegas fuck me in the ass with no condom and she came in my ass.

She gets started putting the condom on with her mouth and starts sucking HARD. Just how I like it! I have a problem getting stiff and staying that way with a condom on but it still felt like heaven or hell because her mouth was so hot. I've been blown three other times with a condom(both prostitutes/ 1 Asian "massage therapist" and a tranny hooker which I'm not proud of but I was desperate and its still kind of kinky to me and another female hooker) but this was way more heated than the others. For the first 10 minutes of blow I thought her mouth was just naturally hot but then I realized that it was a Fire and Ice condom she was using. 041b061a72


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