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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Teach Me Tonight

Today is Teachers' Day in Czechia and Slovakia (with which we were much preoccupied on this weekend's Mark Steyn Show), named in honor of John Amos Comenius, a highly influential pedagogue across the Continent. Of course, in America every day is Teachers' Day because, if you're fortunate enough to be a member of a teachers' union, you've spent the last year, for the most part, sitting at home while not missing a day's pay - and your political contributions to the Democrat Party are so lavish that bigshot Dems from Joe Biden are willing to look the other way no matter how steamed mom and dad may get, and how many children are driven into the pit of despair.

Teach Me Tonight

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"Notice the five syllable words," he'd say. "Not bad for a guy from a one-syllable neighborhood." Yet in "Teach Me Tonight", despite a musical structure that invites three-syllable words, Cahn eschewed them. Instead of "teachable"/"reachable" rhymes, he opted for "lot to learn"/"not to learn", "C of it/Z of it", and finally:

If the appeal of the DeCastro version was that its after-hours teacher/pupil scenario was slightly risqué for 1954, thirty years on it's all a bit more explicit - and somehow the premise of the song gets a bit lost. When Cahn returns to the schoolroom scenario for the final eight bars, he kind of blows it, attempting the trisyllabic words he wisely steered clear of back when he wrote the original: 041b061a72


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