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Trimble Geospatial provides solutions that facilitate high-quality, productive workflows and information exchange, driving value for a global and diverse customer base of surveyors, engineering and GIS service companies, governments, utilities and transportation authorities. Trimble's innovative technologies include integrated sensors, field applications, real-time communications and office software for processing, modeling and data analytics. Using Trimble solutions, organizations can capture the most accurate spatial data and transform it into intelligence to deliver increased productivity and improved decision-making. Whether enabling more efficient use of natural resources or enhancing the performance and lifecycle of civil infrastructure, timely and reliable geospatial information is at the core of Trimble's solutions to transform the way work is done.

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In another interesting development Lux Modus has developed a rig and software running in the cloud that captures 3D location information in "near real-time" as a pipeline is constructed. The rig includes LiDAR and photo cameras which capture the trench and the pipeline by driving along each section before the trench is filled to record a point cloud and photos. The point cloud and images are uploaded for cloud processing and within minutes to hours a digital twin of the pipeline can be viewed by anyone with a browser that supports HTML5 including mobile devices. For example, this makes it possible for QA/QC people to use mixed reality to identify weld points in the office rather than having to go out in the field.

To quickly, safely and cost efficiently develop a network data model, Duquesne Light looked at several alternatives including reality capture technology. A pickup truck was equipped with with side mounted photo and IR cameras and LiDAR laser scanners. The reality capture survey could be completed rapidly and safely, with no boots on the pavement Actual development of the data model was completed in the office without the necessity of going to the field for quality checks because the imagery provided all the data that was required to create and verify the data model. Duquesne Light found several significant advantages of the reality capture approach. The first was asset accuracy - both location and asset attributes. In addition the captured imagery could also be used for other purposes. For example, it could be used for a joint-use audit.

By automatically detecting the top of the ditch and the top of the pipe, the location (x,y) and depth (z) of the pipe can be computed in real-time by the LuxGear or later in a GIS. Lux Modus uses the Unity gaming engine to enable 3D walk-throughs in virtual reality (VR) of the pipeline after the ditch has been covered. For example, this makes it possible for QA/QC people to use VR to identify weld points in the office rather than in the field.


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