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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Secret Garden - Fields Of Fortune

The end of June. It is midsummer. The days are long and warm. The peopleliving in the small villages alongside the rice fields make their own specialcontributions to the living landscape of Satoyama. The flowers in the gardensare an important source of nectar for many species, including swallowtailbutterflies.

Secret Garden - Fields Of Fortune

In the corner of a village garden, a large spider waits on its web. As in manyparts of Japan, spiders are welcomed and encouraged to stay as a sign of goodfortune. They do, after all, feed on insects which may be harmful to bothpeople and crops.

This 3-acre garden is designed especially for children. The flower-themed garden features an "enchanted village" with a playhouse, fiddlehead path, twig hut and mushroom-chair rings. Additionl spaces within Margie's Garden incllude a sound garden, secret garden, bug garden with friendly bug sculptures, a storybook nook, a pollinator garden, sunflower garden, and prairie and wildflower zones.

It wasn't until 1982 that Newton finally had time to start creating his gardens. In his own words, gardening (also an addiction of his mother's), was in his English blood. From a Chinese garden to a rose garden, each one he planted is completely unique, but it's the magical French garden that has turned Newton Vineyard into one of Napa Valley's best kept secrets.

May you sail fair to the far fields of fortuneWith diamonds and pearls at your head and your feetAnd may you need never to banish misfortuneMay you find kindness in all that you meet

My childhood fave was the book Gnomes by Wil Huygen. This intriguing book transported me into the secret world of gardens and nature. A wonderful visual escape that my 10 year old self really loved. And I still love this book today!

No joke, my favorite book was The Secret Garden by Francis Hodges Burnett. I bet I was 10 years old and started drawing out plans for what my own secret garden would look like. I still have some of them. I guess I was destined to be a flower gardener. I also married a landscape designer/installer. So that worked out well for me. We are just moving into a new build with a blank slate and cannot wait to get started.

The secret garden a novel by Frances Hodgson that helped heal children both mentally and physically. Probably influenced me to become a nurse. I also have always dreamed of growing flowers a dream I am at last achieving and would love love love to have a walled garden with a secret door.

All spring and summer, our fields and gardens are crowded with busy songbirds flitting in and out of feeders, carrying bits of twig and string to their nests and filling the air with their bright songs. But as autumn brings frosty nights and lengthening shadows, the songbirds depart one by one, and the landscape belongs again to the crows. 041b061a72


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