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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Dusty Revenge:Co-Op Edition !NEW!

Released way back in 1986 the original Outrun placed you behind the wheel of a red Ferrari Testarossa with a beautiful girl at your side. The aim was simply to reach each checkpoint in time and hopefully make it to the end of the race in one piece. Highlights included the awesome cabinet the game was housed in and of course the memorable music. Now 20 years down the line the series is still going strong and this latest edition is sure to bring some new fans to the franchise. Gameplay wise not much has changed. The basic aim is still to reach the end of each race by driving through a series of checkpoints in time but a lot more has been added. Outrun 2006 consist of the Outrun 2SP arcade game as well as the new Coast to Coast mode where you drive literally from coast to coast beating your rivals and completing some strange tasks. Some extras like a time attack mode and a showroom where you can buy new cars, music, tracks and missions are also on offer.

Dusty Revenge:Co-Op Edition


There are a lot of touchstones from the original Sicario that can be found in the sequel: a parallel plot involving someone who lives on the border that will eventually collide with the main plot, an incredible car-based action sequence (last time set at the border crossing, this time set on an incredible dusty and deserted road), and background politics so shady and convoluted that they can get too murky to be fully understand.

The men's faces brightened, their lips twitched. Theylooked at Tom, and then at the old horse. They lookeddown the long dusty road stretching over hill and valley,hundreds of miles south, and then at Tom's wife andchild, whispered to one another a moment, and the eldersaid:

The first time she saw the steers arrive at the plant in long steel trucks, she held her breath. She had seen steers on her uncle Lalo's rancho in San Luis Potosi. Those steers were beauties--full bodied, smooth coats, nostrils wide, breath steady, eyes clear. When she first got to Omaha, her brother, Eduardo, had taken her to find a job at the plant. He had already been working the kill floor for about a month and felt comfortable showing Antonia around the building. They had walked the dusty unpaved path that led to the back of the plant when a semi pulled up. The truck shone metallic gray in the sun, the sides laced with lattice cuts for ventilation. The steers were not visible--except for their large, red-tinted eyes flashing between iron slats. That's the first thing Antonia noticed. 041b061a72


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