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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Solar Smash APK - A Game that Challenges You to Destroy the Planet in Different Ways

"Solar Smash 2D" is a sci-fi space-themed casual game. Players will play a mysterious force in the universe, controlling the planets and moons in the entire solar system. The goal of the game is to destroy all the planets and moons to show your invincible power.

The game adopts a 2D perspective, and the picture is simple and clear. There is a model of the solar system on the game interface. Players can drag planets and satellites to control their orbits. Players can use a variety of weapons and props to attack planets and satellites, such as: meteorites, black holes, alien life and so on. Each weapon has different attack methods and effects, and players need to choose according to the situation.

solar smash apkaward

Mod V4 features:Solar Smash 2D v1.2.5 mod Large crystal is a popular mobile game known for its stunning visual graphics and engaging gameplay.The game allows players to unleash their creativity by destroying planets and creating their own unique solar systems.With the latest v1.2.5 mod update, players can now enjoy the large crystal feature, adding an exciting new element to the game.Additionally, players can switch to Chinese language by simply clicking on the settings option on the game homepage.With its interactive gameplay and easy-to-use interface, Solar Smash 2D v1.2.5 mod is a must-try for gaming enthusiasts.


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