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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Big Finish - Doctor Who The Mega

Big Finish has announced a mega eight-part audio drama, Once and Future, to mark the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, reuniting an incredible seven former Doctors (so far!).

Big Finish - Doctor Who The Mega

Download File:

The key factor for the producers was that the stories in this range must have at some point been officially proposed to the BBC. In some instances, the scripts produced by Big Finish were essentially those that had been delivered to the BBC, in others, they were wholly written for Big Finish based upon story ideas that had been proposed to the script or of the era. In a few cases, finished scripts like The Song of Megaptera (originally titled The Song of the Space Whale) were tweaked for the audio medium. In others, as with Leviathan, they were more substantially altered.

We now have 2 more stories: the Big Finish audio play version of Shada, a Fourth Doctor story that was never finished due to a strike (and has since been completed with animation). This audio adaption features the Eighth Doctor instead of the Fourth. Additionally, we have a special release starring the Eighth Doctor and Charley.

This segment of monthly adventures features several shorter stories. This set was intended to be focused around the 5th Doctor, but due to production issues, a 7th doctor release had to be added instead.

It is a fall from grace story with all the components of a Hollywood blockbuster, featuring tens of millions of dollars, glamorous real estate and dashed dreams. Its protagonist: a cosmetic dermatologist to the stars, known for his Botox and buttock-enhancement procedures, who tried his luck as a megamansion developer.

Sorry to ruin your "party" mr "evildoer"... but even if man fails, the gates of hell will not prevail against the church of God...(You may not understand this, for it is to be discerned spiritually)Certainly we (the christian community)in all, are saddened for what has happened in the life of our fellow brother in Christ... but the crown belongs to those that finish the race, get up pastor Paul and continue the race! We are praying with you and for you! May the Lord completly restore you!

Nice attempt at deflection, but nonetheless a failed one. This megachurch, other megachurches, and religionist hypocrites in general have a solid, longstanding, and deserved reputation of hostility and intolerance toward others, individual posters to one small comments forum on one article notwithstanding.I apply the same standard to everyone: I expect people to practice what they preach, or in other words, to apply to themselves the same standards they set for others.I do not apologize for calling out hypocrisy where it's deserved, and never have I seen it more deserved than what I'm seeing here.They preach on and on about the "sanctity of traditional marriage" as the megachurches and funadmentalists love to do, while at the same time they're cheating on their wives? Then when they get caught, the judgment they have for others is suddenly reserved and any number of excuses are provided that would never be afforded to anyone outside their compound.That's hypocrisy in a nutshell. These are, by the very definition, hypocrites. This church has lost its moral authority to tell anyone about marriage or relationships, but somehow I suspect that won't stop them.

You're right, I do have an agenda. It's our Terms of Use (Web Link It states:* You agree to be respectful of others, be truthful and be solely responsible for all postings you make.* You agree not to use any profanity, nor post any information that is hateful, libelous or obscene, or that is threatening, abusive or offensive to any individual, group or class of person.And so on.As for your contention that all these people from Abundant Life are busy being hypocrites and you're here to strike a blow in the name of Truth: that's exactly what's NOT going on here. You've launched your crusade against the one megachurch that specifically doesn't do those things -- doesn't take a stance against gay marriage, doesn't make a big deal out of family values, etc. It's kind of funny actually.From our story in June: "Abundant Life's recipe for growth involves a certain tolerance for diversity, both ethnic and political. For example, the church does not take political positions on issues such as gay marriage or abortion, because they can be "incredibly divisive," explained assistant pastor Tilden Fang."Before continuing, you might do a bit of research on the people you're attacking. And if you're still inclined to attack, so so someplace else.I don't ask that apologize for anything, or that you believe any certain thing. I only ask that you abide by the rules set in this privately owned and operated online forum. For my part, I won't apologize for redacting or removing your comments should you fail to do so.

It's like all the characters from Pilgrim's Progress have come out of the woodworks to throw in their 2 cents...this person included. A classic book and a wonderful allegory of the journey of the believer.We don't revel when one falls, but we learn and look to what God is doing in all this, looking to Christ for redemption...'the author and finisher of our faith.'Operating phrase...Christ's redemption...none of this man-made damage control stuff. Like the weary pilgrim in the story, read and hold on to your Scroll and wait on the Interpreter to help you.By the way...enjoy this moment, cos there's coming a day where we won't be able to talk about the bible in a public forum...even in 'mud slinging'.PD.

After reading alot of these posts, it is apparent that for many reasons people are feeling lost and empty because of this situation we are all in. I am no doctor but I am in love with Jesus Christ!!!! See Pastor Paul brought us The Word of God everyday. We look forward to hearing him speak,making us laugh and mainly bringing us closer to God everyday. See I read my Bible and because of this I know how much Pastor Paul centered everyword around JESUS regardless of what any body posts,says or whatever. When I did not hear Pastor Paul's voice talking about (MY JESUS) as he does everyday I was concerned. I was in my car coming home from the grocery store or doing whatever and as soon as I got in my house before anything else I investigated what happened. The first thing I read was something about his family and grieving and the first thing that ran through my head was that something serious happened to Pastor Paul. I honestly thought for a second he died until I read more. I was floored but then I noticed moral failure. Honestly I was relieved. I searched all around the internet looking for Pastor Paul and finally I found his voice on you tube preaching The Word. See Pastor Paul speaks the TRUTH. I was actually searching for the TRUTH!!I do not know what to make of all this and honestly it is not my concern. I just know that the Word came through powerfully through Pastor Paul Sheppard and we are all missing that. It makes some of us sad that is me, some angry and some lost,some depressed etc. It probably makes non believers laugh! All I know is that I still Love Jesus and forever will. I pray that all of us who listened to Pastor Paul will not be lost because of this but continue to grow in Christ. I also pray that for those who do not know Our Heavenly through Jesus Christ will find HIM and with Jesus in your life everyday God will reveal himself to you stronger everyday!! I also have Faith that Pastor Paul and his family will be stronger after all this and triumph over this because Jesus is the REDEEMER!Keep your Faith in Christ Jesus he is the GREATEST GIFT FROM GOD!!!ALWAYS!!!

I just submit everything into the Lord's hand. I do not want to pass a comment on Pastor Paul. I have been a keen listener to "this man of God preaching the WORD of God". God has used him to touch our lives. God has His purpose in everything. Pastor said in one of his sermons that we who are saved are not sinners but we are children of God sinning.Our role in this crucial hour is to pray to God to shower upon all of us His Grace so that we will all radiate the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ in whatever we say and do. Let us not be quick to Judge as the Lord has not finished as yet.Let us look into our own lives and introspect as this is a time of introspection. We will realize that it is only because of His Grace that we can lift our heads.Let us pray for our extended family and pray for the Pastor that the Lord may help him and guide him in this valley period of his life and pray for early restoration to mountain heights. Let us all be firm in prayers and be in the fold of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor,God will tell you and your wife when you are finished. If you have failed, recognize the failure, Christ has forgiven you long before you failed. Rest and recover from this self inflicted wound. Lay your pride in Christ's arms, and get on with the work that God has given you. The enemy wants you out of the game - I believe God wants you back in.Love, Jim Robinson - A recent radio listener from the Los Aangeles area. I believe God led me to hear you. Now I believe God wants me to tell you to "shake it off." You lost a battle, but "Don't give up the fight." "Get back in the game." As to your wife, I pray that God will minister to her and lead her back into your corner. You need her to help you with this fight.

Pastor Paul, no one can look down on you. What did Jesus say, He who is without sin throw the first stone. Well, there you have it. You need to hold your head up and continue to spread God's Word. David did it. So you must draw your strength from God and He will do exactly what He said He would. Forgive you and forget it. Now God gave you an assignment, then you need to finish it. So what if people think this or that, you have to obey our Father which is in Heaven.So stand up and get out of that cave(Elijah)and continue to do God's will. Remember not one person on this planet has a heaven or hell to put you in. Amen


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