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Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera

Buy Garmin Forerunner 230

When I had a forerunner 305, I was able to adjust the auto lap setting by individual hundredths of a mike. In other words, I could program the watch to alert me at 0.98 or 0.99, or, alternatively, 1.02 or 1.03. When I got the forerunner 610, it only allowed increments in intervals of 0.05 and was therefore less precise. I am now planning to purchase at garmin 230. Does anyone know if the autolap settings on the 230 can be adjusted by 0.01 or 0.02, like the 305, or is it restricted to 0.05 increments, like the 610. (Prefer the former.) if the answer is 0.05, which of the relatively newer Garman watches allow increments of 0.01 for autolap settings? Thx

buy garmin forerunner 230

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Im trying to connect my powertap powermeter (ant+) to my forerunner 230. This feature is obviously not supported nativly by the 230, but there are plenty of apps I can download that can read power. Problem is I cant get the forerunner to even recognize the power meter to pair it. Anybody else try and do this or have suggestions?

Is the HRM1G compatible with the forerunner 235? I would like more accurate heart rate monitoring during cycling and can buy a HRM1G (see picture attached) at a good price on eBay but the model numbering Garmin is confusing and I cannot work out if this (older?) HRM is actually compatible or not. Does some actually have a HRM1G and uses it with a Forerunner 235?

both will offer You 2)as for the 1): on Ambit, You can press start/stop to pause the run. If You dont press and hold start/stop later (to save the run) all screens remain available. So after one minute You can check Your HR. On Garmin (and actually on Ambit as well), I would just press lap instead of start/stop, on one of pages I would configure lap time and instant HR, and after 1min, I would read the HR. At that point You can stop and save Your activity and have this value also on garmin.connect after run.

Thanks! I have seen that link.The thing is when I synchronized with Garmin connect the EPO file is not downloaded. I can check that by connecting the watch vith USB cable in computer and view date of the file. But when I sync with garmin express, it download new EPO file.Did you check that or just predict that the file is download with garmin connect?

I am thinking of upgrading my forerunner 225 to 235. I like the display, lightweight and race predictor for 235. I wonder about accuracy of HRM and battery life compared to 225. I intend to use the watch for marathon training

Hi someone forwarded me your post so I want to encourage you and tell you what worked for me. I'm blogging under ihatediabetes. I think you start with running shoes with a professional fitting. I wear neutral running shoes but I add a thick cushioning insert. I have a lot of extra pounds and the cushioning really helps. Running shoes are meant to add energy because they push back when they are compressed. That's why you have to buy new shoes even though your old shoes look fine. Old shoes don't push back so well after they are worn so many miles. You have to keep track how many miles are on the shoes. Before my first 5k I had been weight training and hiking so I did have a base to build on. You have to know what fitness/health base you're starting with. I knew what my base was because I had been through assessments at the healthy living center at Mayo Clinic. So I started jogging by goingslow enough so I could maintain a steady pace. I bought a Garmin forerunner 35 which is a great jogging watch with GPS. My pace is 3.2 mph for 5k distance. I found my pace where I could jog without getting winded. Then I signed up for a 5k during Twin Cities marathon weekend. They published a route map ahead of time. I did little pieces of the race until I could do the entire 5k distance. That took 4 weekends practicing the course. So I finished my first 5k in about 58 minutes October 2018. Since then I try to run a 5k about every month. I did one for Halloween, Thanksgiving, December Reindeer Run, and January Polar Dash. I didn't have a February race so I signed up for Polar Plunge instead to raise money for Special Olympics. That took jumping into a lake in Minnesota in freezing weather. The point is to have a challenge every month because it helps my mind to believe that I am an active outside person. My next race is March 23rd and that's called Hot Dash because you get a serving of Minnesota hot dish when you finish. I first heard heard the announcer call us athletes at my first 5k in October 2018. That was moving and amazing to be called an athlete because I don't consider myself one. But I am an athlete and my event so far is the 5k. I am a 5k athlete. I also signed up for 5k Tough Mudder. When you finish your first Tough Mudder then you get to call yourself a tough mudder. I will race and get muddy and banged up just so I can be a tough mudder athlete. I know you can do this. You just have to believe and put one foot in front of another. But I would get a jogging watch and good shoes that are from a running store. They know how to watch your gait to help you chose shoes. I know the Garmin forerunner 35 is $169 list but you can find it cheaper on line. Good running shoes are over $100 plus the insert is probably $40 on top. But you really need some decent equipment to have a good experience. I know that I need 7w in New Balance plus cushioning insert. There are many great running shoes from which to select. Good luck. 041b061a72


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