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[S2E12] Training Video

Stanton's interrogation continues as Palmer watches from his office. Mike enters and informs Palmer of Jack's interrogation of Ali. Palmer orders that Jack be given any resources he needs. Mike observes Palmer watching Stanton's interrogation. Palmer informs Mike that both Stanton and Agent Simmons received the same training at resisting interrogation, but "everyone breaks eventually."

[S2E12] Training Video

CTU agents outside the mosque are setting up a video feed to the room where Ali is being held. Agent Baker and Kate wait outside as Imam Al-Fulani walks past them. Jack is trying to push Ali to reveal the location of the bomb, but Ali resists, reiterating his willingness to die to allow the plan to succeed. The imam enters and informs Ali that the Qur'an forbids the kind of action that Ali is planning, and claims that the murder of millions will not earn Ali a place in Paradise, but Ali refuses to agree with him, and dismisses him. The imam, shocked by Ali's statements, leaves the interrogation room, informing Jack that Ali is the first Muslim he has personally met who would act on such impulses of hatred. Jack has the imam escorted from the mosque, stating that he can't be involved in what is to happen next.

Jack goes back towards the interrogation room when Baker informs Jack of the find, and Jack goes in to ask Ali what those numbers mean, telling him that they are tracking down Marie and attempting to persuade him that they will find out anyway, and it will simply be in his best interests to cooperate. Ali continues to resist until they show him video feed of Ali's family being held hostage by American agents in his country. Ali is shocked, but continues to show defiance.

Stiles and Scott head to the lacrosse field. Scott says that he knows Allison will come back to him. Stiles explains that his 10 year plan to make Lydia fall in love with him may now have to stretch to fifteen but the plan is definitely still in motion. Scott suggests that he simply ask her out. Stiles laughs and tells Scott to just get in the goal and help him practice so that he can become team captain. Stiles makes a big deal out of the fact that Scott has promised no werewolf powers during their training. Scott agrees but then his eyes glow yellow as Stiles lobs the first ball toward the goal. Once the image has gone black, we hear Stiles' voice saying: "I said no wolf powers!"

By making use of his new powers, Fushi is assimilation Renril as an extension of his own body like he did with the ship. Kai scheduling what houses need to be destroyed when even though they're going too slow to fully protect Renril before the Nokker deadline. Hairo is training with Renril's soldiers in order to build camaraderie, and Messar . . . is still losing at that game.

J.P. Mao demands that Avasarala stop persecuting his family and unfreeze his assets. He points out his plan to keep the UN and MCR in balance, giving them both access to the protomolecule. To this Avasarala notes that what Mao truly desires is to keep himself wealthy profitting in the middle of the two superpowers' rivalry. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a tightbeam video message from Errinwright who announces both Minister Korsunov's death and the destruction of the Karakum over Ganymede. Errinwright threatens to destroy Mao where he sits but, he also turns to Avasarala, telling her he feels betrayed by her. He orders Mao to handle the situation and return to Earth alone so they can resume their partnership. Mao's people draw their guns on Avasarala, Cotyar, and Draper as Mao exits.

The enemy of the Galactic Empire, a small band of misfits and ragtag soldiers combed from across the galaxy for one purpose, destroying the Empire and returning peace to the galaxy. However, it wouldn't be so easy for the Rebels. Constant defeats at every corner, running from every fight, never being able to stand their ground. Until one such day when a farm boy joined that gave the Rebels their biggest victory in their entire history, the destruction of the Death Star. With this victory the morale of the Rebels grew. However, it would not take long for the Rebels to start having the hurt put on them. With hard hit and run tactics, the Empire employed new ships that would prevent them from running. This caused the Rebels to go into hiding and a base on Hoth to be found and ultimately destroyed but not after a large number of Rebels escaped. Now on the run the Rebels needed to put an end to it quickly before they are destroyed. When the battle of Endor came a large number had grown to join the Rebels. After a hard fought battle the Rebels finally killed the Emperor and destroyed the Death Star 2. These battles could not have been won without the many soldiers that made up the Rebel ranks. Most of those in the Rebels were random civilians with no military training while others were defectors from the Empire who had extensive knowledge and training. This rag tag team managed to destroy the Empire once and for all with a little, or a lot, of help from the force. Who is your favorite Rebel? (Leia, Han, Luke, Chewbacca, R2, C3PO, and Lando will not be counted) Mine is Wedge Antilles.

At the Playground, Fitz interrupts a training session between May and Skye. He's concerned about how Skye has changed since her transformation, but she reassures him she's doing fine before May scares him off. Meanwhile, Coulson tells Mack he wants to promote him to a field agent to make better use of his imposing appearance. Agent May then informs the Director that they've received a message from one of their contacts in Portugal saying they have Lady Sif in their custody. The whole team flies to Portugal to look into her reason for being on Earth. Unfortunately, she has no memory of why she is on Earth, why she is in human clothing, or who she is at all. Although this appears to be a dead end, Skye finds a video on Twitter of Sif fighting on a dock with a strange man they believe to be the "Kava" she is looking for. Bobbi and Skye go to a nearby hospital to see if the man is being treated there while the rest of the team goes to the dock to look for any clues as to his identity. Simmons runs an analysis on a tissue sample from Kava, but discovers it is in fact liquid nitrogen; however, no one knows why the man might have needed liquid nitrogen. At the hospital, Bobbi and Skye find Kava, who is now completely blue-skinned, using liquid nitrogen to change the color of his skin to that of a Caucasian human's. He attacks the two of them, but before Skye can fire a shot she starts generating tremors that rip apart her gun and allow Kava to get away.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Surviving Edged Weapons is a police training video that was originally shot in Wisconsin in 1988 with the goal of preparing officers of the law for encounters with knives, machetes, meat cleavers, and other bladed weapons. As you might expect, there are plenty of scenes with cops talking about injuries they sustained and more than enough graphic crime scene photos to ruin dinner for everybody, but director Dennis Anderson wasn't content to just present the facts. Instead, he decided to make an 85-minute spectacular featuring re-enactments performed by heavily accented Canadians, Satanic sacrifice, and an emphasis on how the police can deal with broadswords and razor-bladed trucker caps.

First, this is a police training video, so the fact that it takes the time to show how to deal with knife-wielding cavemen means that someone thought this was an important thing to show rookies. Clearly, SEW is secretly training cops for time travel, something that I am glad my tax dollars are supporting.

If you look closely, you'll see that his body language betrays him: Eagle-eyed knife-fight enthusiasts will note his subtle shrieking, and the well-trained police officer would be able to detect just a hint of manic charging, or the sneaky way the assailant swings his machete in the air. Had you not gone through special training, you never would have been able to catch these classic tells.

During this time, The Order of the Triad is fighting Torrid over the "all seeing orb," a giant round object that resembles a large eyeball. The team forms a pyramid and successfully subdues Torrid. The battle, however, was less than impressive for the trio, all of whom complain about holding up Dr. Orpheus and feel slightly embarrassed. Orpheus chalks it up due to a lack of practice and admonishes them to work harder and decides to convene a training session at his house, one that The Alchemist assumes is a "slumber party".

Kat asks to rejoin the Dance Academy, but Miss Raine declines. Ollie helps Sammy train. Saskia is stretching Tara in class, but when Tara and Ben ask her to stop she does not. POP! Kat and Sammy convince Miss. Raine to lets Kat reaudition for the academy as a favor to Natasha and Sebastian.. Christian walks in on Kat training and she tells him that she likes him and that they can no longer be friends. Tara looks for Grace and Sammy to put cream on her back, but cannot find either. Christian ends up helping her. Ethan tells Abigail that if she wants him to choreograph her then Abigail needs to help Kat train. Abigail puts Kat on an intense calorie count and cardio routine/schedule. Tara performs the Red Shoes in class. Christian again assists Tara in putting cream on her back. Abigail makes Kat jump "as high as an eagle." Tara decides not to go to Dr. Wix, and Grace offers to acupuncture her. Tara goes to an outside doctor breaking the most sacred of academy rules and is told to go in for an MRI. Miss. Raine tells Kat that she is auditioning for first year, not second year. Christian meets Tara at the hospital before the scan. Abigail tells Kat that she has potential. Christian tells Tara not to dance if she is hurt. Christian and Tara kiss and then Christian tells her that they are not going to get back together and Tara asks him to leave. The doctor told Tara that she broke her back and not to dance for at least six weeks. Tara lies to Christian and tells him that her back is fine. Kat auditions for the academy. 041b061a72


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