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Santiago Rivera

Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v1.2 Review and Demo

the ddj-t1 controller ships with an internal midi mapping. this can be used by traktor pro 2 and other djm pioneer mixers with midi ports. the mappings are present in the included file djm-mapping-t1-2-1.txt. you can use this file to assign the buttons on the ddj-t1 to your favorite traktor 2 effects. this can make adjusting your traktor 2 or effects settings easier..

Pioneer DDJ-T1 Enhanced Controller Mapper v1.2

i was unable to get the buttons assigned to the effects on the ddj-t1 to work with traktor 2 (all effects). i received an error message about some missing shared object files. this error is due to an error in the traktor 2 beta version. please see this thread for more info on the problem and to see how people are solving it.

officially connected devices will appear in the device list when you start the application. using the on-screen controller mapping page, you can map the four decks to the buttons in the controller. you have four jogwheels to choose from; jogwheel 1, 2, 3, and 4. jogwheel 1 is the master; you can press it to spin the decks. jogwheel 2 is to take the first deck out, jogwheel 3 is the second deck, and jogwheel 4 is the third deck.

each jogwheel has a little led to show which deck it spins. in addition, it will flash when one of the decks are in use. you can use the jogwheels to change between the decks as well as use them to press any of the buttons on the controller. if you use two jogwheels, both can press the same button. if you use all four jogwheels and press all the buttons on the controller, then you can press all four buttons at once.

when you are finished, hit done and it will send a finished csv mapping file to the pioneer controller. if you have paired the pioneer controller over usb, the finished mapping file should show up in the controller list after installing the requisite drivers. you can leave this open or exit out of the rekordbox app. from there, you can control the decks as if they were normal buttons on your dvs. however, to be able to press the buttons, you must have the jogwheel up. if you press the jogwheel with no deck loaded, nothing happens. it is not possible to map the jogwheels to anything other than the 4 decks. they can also be used to operate the jogwheel buttons when no deck is loaded. you can also press any of the jogwheel buttons to change the deck loaded.


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