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[S1E2] Officers And Wolves NEW!

When the woman bites each of the soldiers at their behest to turn them into indestructible werewolves before giving in to the succor of death, she transmits her impervious potency to them and enables them to demolish the Nazi squadron. This act of empowering remission represents the seemingly futile nature of resistance under Nazi occupation in WWII. The very instance of including werewolves as the featured monster in this story provides an allegorical commentary on the transformative hideousness of the experience of war.

[S1E2] Officers and Wolves

Beth and Dutton now up the preposterousness factor by going on a date to Yellowstone National Park, where they intend to "get drunk and watch the wolves kill an elk." Now, that would be a big thing to ask even from a weathered Yellowstone wildlife guide, but to simply park in a pickup truck, as they do, about forty feet from the kill? Utterly ridiculous.

But then, after a few precious tender moments, Beth exits the truck and runs screaming at the wolves. If she weren't a Dutton, this would be a great way to get herself killed. But for Beth, the wolves scatter like snow in the headlights. Of course they do!

Rip walks out of the stable and Beth is standing outside. Rip says he doesn't have the energy for her today. Beth says to take her anywhere but a music festival, to pick something more suited to her personality. Rip then suggests that they go get drunk and watch some wolves kill an elk in the park. Beth walks past him and says she'll drive.

It's now night and Rip and Beth are on their date watching wolves from a car. Beth starts talking about death and morbidity. Rip says pretending something hasn't happened doesn't change the fact that it happened. Beth says that it makes you think it hasn't happened. Rip says everyone will die someday and Beth responds by saying he got old. Rip chuckles that she hasn't aged a day and might just be able to cheat death.

Beth goes in to kiss him before opening the car door and running at the wolves yelling, whiskey bottle in hand, arms high in the air. Rip runs after her, huffing when he catches up. When Rip asks what's wrong with her, she responds says she's cheating death like he said. Rip says she's the craziest person he's met. Beth continues her thought saying it's only the people that she loves that dies. She says she's surprised Rip's standing, but that God must still be punishing him as well.

The Yellowstone ranch hands are out on a ride when they find a cow that has been attacked by wolves, but Ryan doesn't think the wolves killed it. Rip says it doesn't matter because now they'll have a taste for beef.

The previous scene with the wolves is the perfect set up for the introduction of a new character, Sarah Atwood. 1883 viewers will recognize her as Claire Dutton, but it appears in Yellowstone, she's no relation, and not planning on cozying up to the Duttons.

After hearing Wesley's recording, Picard orders MacDougal and Riker to take control of engineering. She heads for the turbolift as Riker follows to assist. Worf, at operations, mentions that abnormal behavior is being reported from all decks, including the ship's training division ordering all officers to attend a lecture in metaphysics. Data confirms this, including a limerick developed by an officer from the shuttlebay involving a "woman from Venus." Picard interrupts Data before he can finish the "adult" limerick by contacting security. The officer who replies is laid back, speaking informally to Picard, even acting rude, telling him "Keep your britches on!" Picard inquires for Yar's location. Yar replies that she's in her quarters and is busy right at the moment. Picard tells her to stay there and orders Data to take her to sickbay. As Data leaves, Picard orders all security supervisors to report to the bridge immediately.

In engineering, Wesley has gained complete control, cutting off everybody from himself in the main work area with a force field from his tractor beam emitter. He and the officers outside the force field are contaminated with the intoxication, with all focus on Wesley. He continues his speech, mentioning that a dessert course would precede and follow every meal in his command. Everybody outside the force field cheers for "the acting captain."

Shimoda walks into the force field and is knocked back slightly. Being intoxicated, he asks Wesley how he created the field. Wesley motions towards his tractor beam emitter and notes that he connected it to ship's power and made it into a repulsor beam. He asks if Shimoda wants in, and he joyfully nods, giving an oath of loyalty to Wesley. The field is deactivated, then quickly reactivated after Shimoda enters the work area, leaving the rest of the officers outside.

Picard rushes into engineering, where Riker is not confident that they have enough time. While Picard inoculates the officers present, Wesley, still suffering from the intoxication, manages to finish turning the ship's tractor beam into a repulsor beam. The beam activates and bounces the Enterprise away from the Tsiolkovsky, buying the extra time needed for Data to finish inserting the last of the isolinear chips.

Wolf Pack and MTV's Teen Wolf are both written and executive produced by Jeff Davis. Both use the same Atlanta studio facilities and share some behind the scenes crew at least three actors. And both shows involve young werewolves, but the two fictional universes are completely separate. The mythology and creatures involved are different in almost every way.

After class, Stiles snags Scott and hauls him over to the end of the hall. He points at his dad and the other officers and asks Scott what they're saying. Sheriff Stilinksi says there's been a series of animals attacks and he wants everyone under 18 to be at home by 9:30 p.m.

On their drive back home, Scott and Stiles try to figure out why the girl was buried with wolfsbane. Stiles suggests that maybe it's a ritual where Werewolf get buried in wolf form. He then suggests that maybe turning into a full wolf is a special skill you have to learn how to do. Scott will add it to his list. Stiles goes on theorizing that maybe girl werewolves are different, and Scott yells at him to stop saying "Werewolf." "Stop enjoying this so much!" Scott starts to freak out. He can't breathe, and then he realizes that the bag he's holding contains the wolfsbane from the grave. He orders Stiles to stop the car, his eyes glowing yellow.

Still traumatized, Buck was not in the mood for eating in the next day, puzzled by Devon's actions. Chimney advises him to eat, and clarifies people might actually behave as such at times. Both Bobby and Chimney advise Buck to move on, as incidents come and go quickly, with deaths being a common aspect that rescue teams must get over with. Hen brings Athena over to their meal as she wasn't confortable with Michael outing himself earlier on. Bobby claims he will make an exception to police officers this time, which was appreciated. Though Athena retains some animosity to Buck for refusing Marika, his heroism saving her from gunfire convinced her otherwise and they shake hands, although she reminds him he wouldn't have more opportunities. They all laugh slightly and Bobby explains Buck sruggling with Devon's death. Athena brings up the reason they have the uniforms - While she agrees on Buck of its contrasting properties, when they don't have it on, they forfeit all the calamities that came their way. The station's alarm rings immediately after she finishes, and the team assembles while Athena leaves.

Still agitated with Michael, Athena could not bear to see his photograph and stows it. Using the number she obtained, she lures out the burglar. When the police patrol vehicle's presence became obvious, he tries to flee, but Athena stops and cuffs him, filled with rage induced by Michael. Other officers arrive in a second vehicle and take him away as she pants and leaves.

Back at the ranch, Rip apologizes to Beth over his ill-timed mood killer during their erotic rendezvous, and pledges to make it up to her. To that end, they decide to go on a "first date" (that is, the first date since their first "first date") in a field watching wolves eat the corpse of an elk, after he throws out the idea in jest. That evening, as they sit drinking Southern Comfort whiskey and watching the wolves, they discuss the issue of death and mortality, and how she hasn't aged a day. After a comment from Rip about "cheating death", Beth drunkenly runs out of the car they were parked in and chases the wolves away from the corpse, then tells Rip that she's trying to "cheat death", as he suggested. The exasperated Rip calls her the "craziest person" he's ever met.

[It is a dark and foggy night as several Beacon County Sheriff's Department deputies pull up to the Beacon Hills Preserve in their police cruisers. At least a dozen officers get out of their vehicles, some with K9 unit dogs who are barking and whimpering amongst the radio chatter. Flashlights in hand, the deputies begin their search in the woods]

[After practice, Stiles headed straight for his bedroom, where he began researching Werewolves on his computer. His online search starts with articles on Lycaon, said to be the first Werewolf, and moves on to articles about wolfsbane. Some time later, Stiles moves on to reading an old, battered book titled The History of Lycanthropy, before going back to the computer and searching online for articles about silver as a weakness of Werewolves. Finally, Stiles, looking concerned about what he's read so far, prints out an old sketch of a Hunter aiming a crossbow at a transformed Werewolf]

Raised by shapeshifting wolves, the Huntsman grows up in their pack, but later left under mysterious circumstances. For one of the pack members, Adair, this is a great betrayal.[3] The Huntsman now lives in a forest, along with a companion wolf whom has one eye as red as blood and one eye as black as night. After killing a deer to provide food for both of them, he sheds a tear over the animal's necessary death. Later, the Huntsman and his wolf head into a bar. Though the people insult him for crying over killing a deer, he responds calmly, and notes that men who hunt for sport aren't men at all. This angers one patron, and he attacks the Huntsman, who stabs him in defense. Unseen, the Evil Queen watches his actions from her magic mirror and is satisfied with his actions. She has her guards bring him to her castle. She desires his help to assassinate someone, but he will only agree one a condition: if the wolves are protected from being hunted. After the Queen concedes to his request, the Huntsman is sent to murder the Queen's stepdaughter, Snow White, and bring back her heart as proof of death. Disguised as one of the Queen's guards, the Huntsman accompanies Snow White as she walks into the forest. She reveals she knows who he is and of his intentions, surprising him. Snow then kicks him, and while he is doubled over in pain, she runs off into the forest, to which he throws off his armor and gives chase. He later finds Snow White sitting against a tree, but stops, puzzled, to see her writing a letter, which she asks that it be given to the Queen. As the Huntsman reads the letter, he is moved by what she wrote and cannot bring himself to kill Snow White. Instead, he fashions a whistle out of a twig for her to use whenever she is in trouble. Snow is shocked that he is letting her go, and he tells her to leave quickly before he changes his mind. After letting her escape, the Huntsman takes a deer's heart for the Queen, hoping, but knowing it wouldn't work, to fool her. He then returns to the castle and attempts to read Snow White's letter to the Queen, but she throws it into the fireplace. Upon further inquiry, the Queen reveals that Snow White once betrayed her trust by revealing a well-kept secret. Once the Queen receives the heart, she tries to place it into one of her vault boxes, however, none of them magically open, making her realize the heart does not belong to that of a human. Realizing the Huntsman has tricked her, she rips out his heart to pay for what he'd done. To demonstrate what will happen if he crosses her again, she squeezes the heart; causing the Huntsman to fall to the ground in agony. She says he can never be free of her, as she has his heart, and that he will also never be able to fully and truly love someone now. She says from that day forward he lives to serve her. On her orders, the guards drag him away into her bedroom. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", "Shadow of the Queen") 041b061a72


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