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Jeremiah Davis
Jeremiah Davis

Play Summertime Saga in Full Screen with the Latest APK Version

full!screen is one of those apps that makes a change to the default behavior of Android or the app. This explains why it needs root access to do the job. One of the changes is to hide the other stuff normally on the screen, such as the Back, Home and Recent Apps button. When in full screen mode, some of your important on-screen buttons will go away. They are not gone or inaccessible, they are just hidden from sight until you need them.

summertime saga full screen apk

When you have full!screen active, you will see some icons in the bottom corners of the screen. These icons react to touch, long-press and swiping. Each of the actions can perform a different task. For example, you can set the home button icon to open the app menu when swiped, go to the home screen when tapped and open the pie menu when long pressed. This is in fact, more control than having the normal Android navigation controls.

People, much like yourself, have a preference of how they would like to see their information. If that preference is in full screen mode and your Android phone or tablet is rooted, you will surely want to take a look at full!screen as a solution. The basic version is free, but there is a premium version if you required more features.

I never played on the full screen mode as a slightly smaller screen is easier to throw and click on. With the new update, my game jumped to full screen mode and now in Game Tools there is no toggle option for this feature.


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