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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Download Subtitrare Transporter 2 In Romana _TOP_

I do not mind that you say that it is wrong to limit the availability to those who have money, but as I do not want that anyone steal it, I do not do nothing with someone else which I can do with him or her. For this reason I think that it is not worth to restrict this service to only those who have more money than they that have no right to steal. This is ridiculous, no one is forcing anyone anything and anyone can access any media he or she wants, download movies from Bittorent, BTN to do it and click on a button, download online directly from the movie industry and all it will take that person is do a bit of work to make it work. The same you say about torrents, you can already access illegally and download movies from torrents, I'm talking about movies that are not subtitled that you can pay a certain amount of money to see. But if you want to see that film in subtitled, then you have the obligation to invest 10 euros and then you can see it. As I said before, I like my movies and I like to have legal access to them, when it goes right, I can watch it in the cinema. I like to buy that movie in my format (720p), if I go to the cinema, I have to buy it in that format to watch it. With torrents or BTN, why not I can get any video or other format without even having to buy it and watching it in streaming from Netflix, to get it more cheap than getting it in my format

Download Subtitrare Transporter 2 In Romana

So it makes sense to go not to download but to rent movies from a content network that is within our reach, Netflix, or but some country like Germany, or France, where they offer a content that we want. I find that it is quite expensive to rent here when there are film here that are available in streaming, I have films here that I have to pay to watch, and that sometimes happens that I pay half a euro that he would be less expensive to download it. I hope that it makes sense to you and consider that you are not facing a hidden threat or attack against their


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