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[S6E9] Murder LINK

Thinking back to How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 and Sam's murder, Asher wasn't involved really. So it makes sense that he would know enough to give the FBI a story, but not enough to get anyone locked up yet.

[S6E9] Murder


Alternatively, Asher could have brought the murder weapon with him to kill Gabriel in an effort to make amends for his actions. Frank was just about to take care of Gabriel when Bonnie called him over. Maybe he sent Asher to do his dirty work instead.

"Fun and Games" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of Better Call Saul, the spin-off television series of Breaking Bad. It was directed by Michael Morris and written by Ann Cherkis. The episode aired on AMC and AMC+ on July 18, 2022, before debuting online in certain territories on Netflix the following day. In the episode, Gus Fring discusses the death of Lalo Salamanca with the cartel, Mike Ehrmantraut ties up a loose end, and Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler deal with the aftermath of Howard Hamlin's murder.

Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler leave for work while Mike Ehrmantraut and his men remove all traces of Howard Hamlin's murder[a] from their apartment. When they return, Jimmy reassures Kim that they will eventually forget what happened,[b] but Kim does not react.

Chim takes Maddie to the Murder House (in broad daylight, luckily) and tells her the house speaks to him. If they fix it up a bit, it could be the perfect home for them. He tells her there was no murder: a father was driving home before Christmas with his three daughters, and they got into a car accident and died. The mom was home wrapping presents, and she moved after the funeral. She held onto it, and it got passed to her nephew after she died. Maddie spots a height chart and realizes that a family lived there.

Quinn and Charlie go to the hotel to search for clues. They find blood stains on the floor which lead them to believe that Huck is gravely injured. Charlie says he could be dead by Quinn says he can't be. Olivia goes to visit Abby and tells her about Huck missing. Abby tells her that she knows Huck, that he goes dark sometimes. Olivia says no that that isn't it. She tells Abby about the people behind Frankie Vargas's murder and that if Abby could help him that would be helpful.

Back at the house, Wes Bentley gets a chance to shift gears, playing an actor named Dylan who portrayed Ambrose on the fictional show. He sees what carnage has been exacted in the house, and decides to, along with Lee and Audrey, sneak back into the Polk farm and serve some sick sadistic recompense. Audrey finds Monet stowed away in the barn, Lee makes a run for the incriminating tapes from last week. A Polk redneck approaches, only to catch a hot round of lead in the dome from Audrey that blows his brains out the backside. Dylan proves utterly useless, as he fails to hot-wire a truck and ends up getting carved and sliced to death by dirty roving hayseed who appears out of the ether. Speaking of, the real Butcher and her minions soon materialize, which prompts Monet and Audrey to dart back to the hell house. Lee got left behind. The two gals play the tape Lee dropped, and they witness her confessing to her husband's murder. We then see Lee on some nighttime surveillance footage being stalked by what appeared to be Deer Woman, who exhorts Lee to surrender to her by taking a bite out of an animal heart. Sick shite! She does and soon Lee turns into f*cking Jason Voorhees. She skulks around, runs into the three Go-Pro kids and savagely rips Todd's chest until a shower of grue cascades down his body.

Back at Lucifer's penthouse, Lucifer and Chloe are peacefully sleeping in bed. Lucifer wakes with energy, dressing in his red pajama pants and robe, dancing into the main area and playing A Hazy Shade of Winter. He begins making off a to do list and starts loading fruit and whiskey into a blender, as his booze shelf pulses with colors to the tune. The blender noise wakes Chloe, as Lucifer continues dancing. He pours the drink into a glass and dances to the coach, seeing Chloe dressed and watching him from the stairs; confused. Lucifer explains he's not going to be God and the world's not ending. Chloe tells him that today is the last day anyone will see him. The two sit on the coach, distressed. While they have ruled out his murder with Azrael's blade, other celestial weapons can hurt him. Lucifer is more angry with Rory for telling them when he vanished. Chloe assures him that as long as they avoid 10th and swanson, the future can't come true. They decide to plan a beach day tomorrow to get themselves cheered up. Chloe heads out to take Trixie to camp and file reinstatement forms to get her job back at the LAPD. After she leaves, Lucifer hires people to build him a panic room. 041b061a72


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