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Thomas Sanchez
Thomas Sanchez

Sims 3 Pc Serial Code [TOP]

When I change the code over to RS485 and install the MAX487 chip, it seems that something is interfering with the way that the data is being processed, so what happens is that it will only light say half of the correct LED's at any time, and it flickers between the correct ones in banks of LED's

Sims 3 Pc Serial Code

Download Zip:

As for not using many USB devices, that's going to be tough; there are so many input devices (from memory Joystick, throttle assembly, pedals, five Bodnar BBI-64 boards, USB to 4xHDMI desktop extender, NLR V3 seat mover, 5 inch TFT, Arduino Mega RS485 master) . You need to take a look at the home built cockpits for flight sims, they have tons of input/output devices

Point 2): thanks for clarifying the task details. What has not been addressed is the question of serial position effects. What I am missing is a more accurate characterisation of behaviour in the two tasks. Notably, participants find averaging easier than comparison. What could explain this result asides from assuming that the former has a lower noise level than the latter (which is a re-description of the accuracy difference)? My suggestion is to estimate the "leak" of accumulation and compare across tasks (e.g. Wyart, V., Myers, N. E., & Summerfield, C. (2015). Neural mechanisms of human perceptual choice under focused and divided attention. Journal of neuroscience, 35(8), 3485-349).


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